Deborah 'Debbie' Halvorson's Public Statements


Full Name: Deborah 'Debbie' Halvorson
Gender: Female
Family: Husband: Jim Bush; 4 Children
Birth Date: 03/01/1958
Birth Place: Chicago Heights, IL
Home City: Crete, IL
Religion: Lutheran
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10/22/10 Halvorson Continues Focus on Local Jobs, Kinzinger Continues Defense of Outsourcing During Will County Debate 10/15/10 Letter To The Honorable Barack Obama, President, The United States of America 10/12/10 Halvorson Job Training Bill Passes House, Goes to Senate 9/29/10 Securing America's Veterans Insurance Needs And Goals Act Of 2010 9/29/10 House Passes Halvorson Bill to Protect Survivors of Soldiers Killed in Action 9/28/10 Letter to The President 9/23/10 Hare, Halvorson Request Farm Bill Hearing in Illinois 9/23/10 House Sends President Small Business Lending Act, Contains Halvorson Small Business Provisions 9/01/10 Durbin and Illinois Congressional Delegation Call on President to Provide Federal Relief for Thirteen Illinois Counties 8/10/10 Halvorson Votes to Enhance Border Security, Hire New Border Patrol Agents 8/10/10 Letter to The Honorable Masayuki Naoshima, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan 8/10/10 Halvorson Votes to Save Illinois Jobs, End Incentives that Encourage US Job Off-shoring 7/30/10 Halvorson Introduces Bill to Protect Families of Fallen Soldiers from Predatory Insurance Practices 7/28/10 Halvorson Votes for National Manufacturing Strategy Act 7/28/10 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2011 7/19/10 Halvorson Statement on New Asian Carp Lock Closure Lawsuit 7/19/10 Halvorson Announces Illinois Jobs First Manufacturing Plan 7/13/10 Halvorson Supports New Initiative to Control Asian Carp Population 7/09/10 Halvorson Announces Streamlined Claims Process for Veterans with Stress Disorders 7/02/10 Letter To Ms. Karen G. Mills, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration 7/02/10 Letter to the Honorable, Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury - Anshan Iron and Steel Group 7/01/10 Halvorson Builds Record as a Nuclear Issues Leader in Congress 7/01/10 Halvorson Votes to Hold Wall Street Firms Accountable 6/28/10 Halvorson Praises U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Constitutional Rights 6/24/10 Halvorson Statement on Iran Sanctions Vote 6/16/10 Call for BP to Put Victims of Oil Spill First Yields Results 6/10/10 Halvorson Calls on BP to Put Containment Efforts First 6/09/10 Letter to Tony Hayward Chief Executive Officer, BP 5/26/10 Halvorson Announces Job Hunters Boot Camps, First event will take place in LaSalle County 5/25/10 Halvorson Calls on China to End Unfair Trade Practices That Kill Illinois Jobs 5/25/10 Letter to the Honorable Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means 5/24/10 Saluting Sons and Daughters In Touch on its 20th Anniversary 5/24/10 Letter to The Honorable Sander Levin, Chairman Committee on Ways and Means, and the Honorable David Camp, Ranking Member 5/18/10 Halvorson Statement on Armed Forces Day 5/13/10 America Competes Reauthorization Act Of 2010 4/27/10 Halvorson Votes Against Congressional Pay Raise 4/23/10 Halvorson-Authored Legislation Included in Landmark Vets Caregiver Package 4/23/10 Halvorson Focuses On Clean Energy Tax Credits 4/21/10 Illinois Small Businesses To Be Notified Of Health Insurance Reform Tax Credits 4/21/10 Iran Sanctions 4/21/10 Caregivers And Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act 4/17/10 Halvorson Joins Illinois Chamber, Business Leaders In Unveiling Petition For Balanced Approach Against Asian Carp 4/15/10 Letter to The Honorable John M. Spratt, Chairman Of House Committee On The Budget, and The Honorable Paul D. Ryan, Ranking Member Of House Committee On The Budget 4/15/10 Halvorson Helps Small Businesses With Tax Incentives 4/13/10 Halvorson Has Lowered Taxes For 95% Of Working Americans 3/24/10 Health Insurance Reform And Small Businesses 3/22/10 Health Care Reform 3/21/10 Halvorson Votes To Pass Health Insurance Reform 3/20/10 Halvorson Will Vote For Health Insurance Reform 3/16/10 Health Care Reform