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Barack Obama II's Public Statements

Office: President, Democratic
Date Title
Sept. 21, 2006 Secure Fence Act of 2006 - Motion to Proceed
Sept. 20, 2006 Energy Independence: A Call for Leadership
Sept. 13, 2006 Obama Bill Requiring Notification of Unplanned Release of Radioactive Substances Passes Senate Committee
Sept. 12, 2006 CNN The Situation Room - Transcript
Sept. 11, 2006 Obama Statement on the 5th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks
Sept. 9, 2006 Chicago Tribune - Bloggers Help Obama Pass Senate Pork Bill
Sept. 8, 2006 House and Senate Reach Agreement on Coburn-Obama Bill to Create Internet Database of Federal Spending
Sept. 8, 2006 Senate Passes Coburn-Obama Bill to Create Internet Database of Federal Spending
Sept. 5, 2006 Letter to U.S. Department of Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao
Sept. 4, 2006 Chicago Sun-Times - Next Step: Pressuring U.S. on Sudan
Aug. 30, 2006 Chicago Tribune Editorial - The Imperfections of Man
Aug. 29, 2006 Letter to Secretary Chertoff
Aug. 28, 2006 An Honest Government, A Hopeful Future
Aug. 28, 2006 Obama Visits Notorious Nairobi Slum
Aug. 23, 2006 Obama Says South Africans' Freedom Fight Inspired Political Career
Aug. 14, 2006 Letter to FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras
Aug. 14, 2006 Obama, Coburn Ask FEMA to Address Ballooning No-Bid Contracts for Gulf Coast Reconstruction
Aug. 11, 2006 Xavier University Commencement Address
Aug. 10, 2006 Obama Statement on Bust of Terrorist Plot to Blow Up Airplanes Traveling from Britain to U.S.
Aug. 9, 2006 Obama Introduces Bill to Help Tap Power of Genomics to Find Cures
Aug. 8, 2006 Chicago Tribune - Exported Mercury Returns to Haunt U.S.
Aug. 7, 2006 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama at the AFSCME National Convention
Aug. 3, 2006 Obama Statement on President's Speech About Immigration Reform
Aug. 3, 2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
Aug. 3, 2006 Pension Protection Act of 2006
Aug. 3, 2006 Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act of 2006 - Motion to Proceed
Aug. 1, 2006 Gulf of Mexico Security Act of 2006 - Continued
July 27, 2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
July 27, 2006 Coburn, Obama, McCain, Carper Applaud Senate Committee Approval of Bill to Help Taxpayers "Google" Federal Spending
July 27, 2006 Obama Statement on the Signing of the Reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act
July 25, 2006 Child Custody Protection Act - Continued
July 25, 2006 AFL-CIO National Convention
July 25, 2006 Illinois Senators Announce Hold on Nominee Until FAA Clarifies Policy on Construction of Wind Farms
July 23, 2006 Associated Press - Obama Takes Political Spotlinght on Return to Africa
July 22, 2006 Chicago Tribune - Obama Joins Parade to See New Orleans
July 20, 2006 Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 2006
July 20, 2006 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama in Support of H.R. 9, the Voting Rights Act
July 19, 2006 Senators Introduce Legislation to Reduce Gasoline Consumption by Half a Trillion Gallons
July 19, 2006 Water Resources Development Act of 2005
July 19, 2006 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions
July 17, 2006 Fetus Farming Prohibition Act of 2006
July 15, 2006 American Legion Conference
July 13, 2006 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007
July 12, 2006 Campus Progress Annual Conference
July 10, 2006 Chicago Sun Times - Obama Trip to Highlight U.S. Interests in Africa
July 10, 2006 USA Today - Politicians Need Not Abandon Religion
June 30, 2006 Washington Post - Obama's Eloquent Faith
June 30, 2006 Obama, Feingold Push Resolution to Implement New Senate Ethics Rules
June 29, 2006 United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementataion Act
June 29, 2006 Letter to President of the United States of America George W. Bush
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