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Barack Obama II's Public Statements

Office: President, Democratic
Date Title
Dec. 5, 2007 Broadcasting & Cable - Obama: FCC Must Slow Down
Dec. 5, 2007 Obama Issues Call to Serve, Vows to Make National Service Important Cause of His Presidency
Dec. 4, 2007 Obama Statement on Committee Passage of the Media Ownership Act of 2007
Dec. 4, 2007 Des Moines Register - Obama Offers Plan for Averting Credit Trouble
Dec. 4, 2007 Boston Globe - Obama Says Democrats Need Decisive Win to Make Wide Changes
Dec. 4, 2007 Transcript: NPR Democratic Candidates' Debate
Dec. 4, 2007 Obama, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Increase Emergency LIHEAP Funding
Dec. 3, 2007 Newsweek - Barack Strikes Back
Dec. 3, 2007 Associated Press - Thousands See Barack in Boston
Dec. 3, 2007 Obama Statement on the International Day of Disabled Persons
Dec. 3, 2007 Russians Parliamentary Election
Nov. 30, 2007 In Remarks at DNC Fall Meeting, Obama Pledges to Deliver Change We Can Believe In
Nov. 30, 2007 Chicago Tribune - Obama Brings His Message to Harlem
Nov. 28, 2007 Foster's Daily Democrat - Obama Explains Stance on Health Care, Talks International Expertise
Nov. 28, 2007 Concord Monitor - Obama Outlines Diplomatic Path
Nov. 28, 2007 Obama Campaign Launches Women for Obama Leadership Committees in Key February 5th States
Nov. 26, 2007 Politico - Clinton and Obama switch roles in Iowa
Nov. 25, 2007 Obama Says that the Only Way to Pass Universal Health Care is By Bringing Republicans and Democrats Together
Nov. 25, 2007 Politico - Obama Casts Himself as Civil Rights Successor
Nov. 22, 2007 Los Angeles Sentinel - Op-Ed by Senator Barack Obama
Nov. 21, 2007 Obama Statement on Food Shortage
Nov. 21, 2007 A Thanksgiving Message from Barack
Nov. 21, 2007 Concord Monitor - Obama Shares School Plan
Nov. 20, 2007 In Major Policy Speech, Obama Announces Plan to Provide All Americans with a World-Class Education
Nov. 20, 2007 Oil Price Information Service - Sources See Continued Push for ‘Energy Lite' With Expanded RFS
Nov. 20, 2007 Letter to President George W. Bush, Re: Release $20 Million in Contingency Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Funds
Nov. 19, 2007 Reuters - U.S. Offers Mild Criticism in Saudi Rape Case
Nov. 19, 2007 Letter to Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi Speaker for the House
Nov. 19, 2007 Obama Unveils Agenda to Strengthen America's Community Colleges
Nov. 19, 2007 Letter to The Honorable Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
Nov. 18, 2007 The Gazette - Obama Touts Diverse Support
Nov. 18, 2007 Florence Morning News - America Has Obligation to Right the Wrongs of Centuries Past
Nov. 18, 2007 Obama Vows Consistent Support for American Workers
Nov. 16, 2007 Obama Statement on Iraq Spending Bill
Nov. 16, 2007 Durbin, Obama Introduce Legislation to Address Quality of Care for Nation's Veterans
Nov. 16, 2007 Springfield State Journal-Register - Barack Obama: School Strategy in Middle Grades is Key
Nov. 16, 2007 Obama Statement on the Farm Bill
Nov. 15, 2007 UAW Region 4 Delegates Throw Support to Obama's Campaign for President
Nov. 15, 2007 At the Request of Mr. Reid, the following statement was ordered to be printed in the Record
Nov. 15, 2007 AP - Googlers Quiz Obama at Town Hall
Nov. 15, 2007 CNN Democratic Presidential Debate
Nov. 14, 2007 Letter to The Honorable Robert M. Gates
Nov. 14, 2007 The San Jose Mercury News - Obama Shares his Tech Plan Today in Valley Visit
Nov. 14, 2007 Obama Unveils Innovation Agenda at Google
Nov. 13, 2007 Obama Asks United Auto Workers To Support the Candidate With a Record of Fighting for Them
Nov. 13, 2007 AP - Obama Trades Stories of Family
Nov. 13, 2007 The Union Leader - Obama Vows to End War, Step up Fighting Al-Qaeda
Nov. 13, 2007 Executive Session
Nov. 13, 2007 Obama Statement on Bush Veto of Labor – HHS Bill
Nov. 13, 2007 The Nashua Telegraph - Obama Wants More Help for Veterans
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