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8/28/07 Cabinet Press - Locals Liked Obama 8/28/07 Chicago Sun-Times - Obama Getting Tough as Going Gets Rough 8/27/07 Washington Post - The Outsider's Insider 8/27/07 ABC "Good Morning America" -Transcript 8/27/07 Lexington Herald-Leader - Obama Fires up Crowd in Lexington 8/27/07 New York Sun - Obama: U.S. Can't Fail New Orleans Again 8/27/07 Obama Praises Armstrong's Efforts to Raise Cancer Awareness 8/27/07 Letter to the President of the United States, George W. Bush 8/27/07 Letter to the Foreign Minister of France, Bernard Kouchner 8/27/07 Obama Statement on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzales 8/26/07 U.S. News & World Report - On the Streets of Chicago, a Candidate Comes of Age 8/26/07 Miami Herald - Obama Stresses 'Libertad' 8/26/07 Obama Announces Plan to Rebuild the Gulf Coast and Prevent Future Catastrophes 8/24/07 Letter to Mr. Stephen S. McMillin, Acting Director and Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget 8/24/07 Letter to the President of Martin Designs Inc., Jeff Davis 8/24/07 Sun News- Obama Impresses Crowd at CCU 8/23/07 Obama Statement on BP Decision to Meet Lower Lake Michigan Waste Limits 8/23/07 Globe Gazette - Obama and Women Voters 8/23/07 - Obama steps on Hillary's turf 8/23/07 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Settling Contract with MGM Mirage 8/23/07 Obama Statement on the National Intelligence Estimate 8/23/07 New York Post - Barack's Apple Polish 8/23/07 - Obama Visits Dillon's J.V. Martin Middle School 8/23/07 Iowa Women for Obama Announce Leaders in 50 Iowa Counties 8/23/07 New York Post - Barack's Apple Polish 8/22/07 New York Times - In Brooklyn, Cheers for Obama 8/22/07 Obama Responds to President Bush's Speech to the VFW Convention 8/22/07 Obama Statement on Hurricane Dean 8/22/07 Obama Statement on the Release of Haleh Esfandiari 8/22/07 Letter to the President of the United States, George W. Bush 8/22/07 Des Moines Register - Obama: I will Fight for Workers 8/22/07 ABC - "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" 8/22/07 Obama Welcomes Support of Key Elected Officials, Grassroots Leaders and Community Activists During New York City Stop 8/21/07 Congressman Patrick Murphy Endorses Barack Obama for President 8/21/07 Campaigns & Elections - Obama Goes Grass-Roots To Show It's Not Just About Change 8/21/07 - U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy Endorses Obama 8/21/07 The Hill - Congress's Only Iraq War Veteran Endorses Obama 8/21/07 Seacoast Online - Obama Speaks About Change 8/21/07 Kansas City Star - Obama Urges Diplomacy Surge in Iraq 8/21/07 Senator Obama Addresses VFW Conference 8/21/07 Union Leader - Obama tells NH crowd he'd Get Troops Home 8/20/07 Letter to Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State 8/20/07 Seacoast Online - Obama: U.S. 'Hungry for Change' 8/20/07 Letter to the Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice 8/20/07 Letter to the Chargé d'Affaires at the French Embassy in Washington, D.C., François Rivasseau 8/20/07 Obama Response to AP Article, U.S. Out of Fresh Troops for Iraq 8/20/07 Politico - Obama Rises Above Sea Level 8/20/07 Obama Statement on the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and their Negotiations with the Grand Sierra Resort 8/20/07 Kansas City Star - Barack Obama Exudes Confidence 8/20/07 Letter to The Honorable Franqois Rivasseau, Charge d'Affaires