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1/25/08 Obama Joins Boxer, Senators to Introduce Bill to Reverse EPA 1/23/08 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript 1/23/08 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 1/23/08 National Public Radio "Morning Edition" - Transcript 1/23/08 The Daily Nation - Kenya Has Come Too Far to Waste Gains 1/23/08 NBC "Today" - Transcript 1/22/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Economic Speech 1/22/08 Obama Calls on Senate to Swiftly Pass Indian Health Care Bill 1/22/08 Obama Calls on Senate to Swiftly Pass Indian Health Care Bill 1/22/08 Obama Statement on 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Decision 1/22/08 Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments of 2007 1/21/08 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript 1/21/08 Obama Statement on the Bush Administration's Plan to Cut Counterterrorism, First Responder Budget 1/21/08 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 1/20/08 Obama Addresses Ebenezer Baptist Church - "The Great Need of the Hour" 1/19/08 Barack Obama on the Importance of US-Armenia Relations 1/17/08 Los Angeles Times - Obama's Backyard Economics Session 1/17/08 Statement on Call for World Without Nuclear Weapons 1/16/08 - Obama Promises Relief to California Homeowners 1/15/08 Barack Obama Condemns Anti-Semitism 1/15/08 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 1/13/08 Barack Obama Announces Plan to Revitalize Economy and Protect American Families 1/11/08 Obama Demands Gates Address Contractor's Use of Riot Control Gas on U.S. Military Personnel in Iraq 1/09/08 NPR "Morning Edition" - Transcript 1/09/08 NBC "Today" - Transcript 1/09/08 Fox News "Fox and Friends" - Transcript 1/09/08 CBS "The Early Show" - Transcript 1/08/08 Portsmouth Herald - Obama Rallies at Exeter High School 1/07/08 ABC "Good Morning America" Part Two - Transcript 1/07/08 ABC "Good Morning America" Part One - Transcript 1/05/08 Democratic Presidential Debate 1/05/08 Obama Statement on Fernley Levee Break 1/04/08 Auburn Journal - Obama Says His Victory Will Bring Change 1/03/08 Chicago Tribune - Optimistic Obama Looks Ahead 1/03/08 ABC "Good Morning America" - Transcript 1/03/08 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 1/03/08 NBC "The Today Show" - Transcript 1/03/08 New York Times - Betting on His Troops 1/03/08 Post-Iowa Caucus Remarks 1/02/08 Union Leader - Barack Obama: It's Time for Americans to Stand for Change 1/01/08 Obama Thanks Kucinich for Encouraging His Backers to Make Obama Their Second Choice 12/31/07 Des Moines Register - 'This is Our Time,' Obama Declares 12/30/07 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript 12/29/07 The Concord Monitor - Barack Obama: Leaving Iraq Will Make America Safer 12/29/07 Associated Press - Obama Pitches Undecided Voters in Iowa; Seeks Converts 12/27/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Our Moment Is Now 12/27/07 Obama Statement on the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto 12/23/07 Obama Vows to Protect Kids and Ban Toys with Lead 12/23/07 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript 12/23/07 Obama Vows to Protect Kids and Ban Toys with Lead