President Barack Hussein Obama II's Public Statements


Full Name: Barack Hussein Obama II
Current Office: President, Democratic
First Elected: 11/04/2008
Last Elected: 11/06/2012
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Michelle; 2 Children: Malia, Sasha
Birth Date: 08/04/1961
Birth Place: Honolulu, HI
Home City: Chicago, IL
Religion: United Church of Christ
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5/11/07 Lawmakers Cite Compensation Progress for Ill Nuclear Workers 5/11/07 Genetic Testing 5/10/07 Durbin, Murray, Obama Introduce Bill to Update Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury for Military 5/10/07 Ill. National Guard's Readiness Scrutinized 5/09/07 IL Delegation Helps Sick Nuclear Workers Obtain Medical Benefits, Compensation 5/09/07 Obama Statement on the Resignation of Theresa Shaw 5/08/07 Executive Session 5/08/07 Chicago Tribune: Obama: Make Cars More Fuel-Efficient 5/08/07 Chicago Sun-Times: Even In Detroit, Obama Isn't Muffled 5/08/07 Vote Explanation 5/08/07 Obama Bill Helps End Gridlock Over Increased Fuel Economy Standards 5/08/07 Letter To President George W. Bush 5/08/07 Durbin, Obama: Senate Approves Judge Frederick Kapala for Federal Judgeship in Rockford 5/07/07 UL Faces Pain at the Pump 5/07/07 Obama, Harkin Introduce Low-Carbon Fuel Standard that Would Reduce Emissions, Dependence on Foreign Oil 5/07/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the Detroit Economic Club 5/06/07 Des Moines Register: Obama Urges Iowans To Lobby Congress To End The Iraq War 5/05/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Conference of Black Mayors 5/03/07 Letter To DNC Chairman Howard Dean 5/03/07 Latter to Chairman Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee 5/02/07 Chicago Tribune: Obama: Iraq Veto Bush's Latest Foolhardy Step 5/02/07 Obama, McCaskill Introduce Bill to Evaluate Needs of Returning Service Members 5/02/07 Remarks of Senator Obama to the California State Democratic Convention 5/01/07 Barack Obama's Statement on Law Day 5/01/07 Obama Statement on President's Veto of Iraq Funding Bill 5/01/07 Letter to The Honorable Patty Murray, Chairwoman, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and The Honorable Christopher Bond, Ranking Member... 5/01/07 Barack Obama's Statement on the Anniversary of the Mission Accomplished Speech 4/30/07 Washington Post: Mr. Obama's Worldview 4/30/07 Los Angeles Times: Obama Reaches Out To Black In L.A. 4/30/07 Boston Globe: Calif. Democrats Warm For Clinton, WIld For Obama 4/28/07 Chicago Tribune: Democratic Hopefuls Court Hearts In Dixie 4/26/07 MSNBC Presidential Democratic Debate-Transcript 4/26/07 America Competes Act 4/26/07 MSNBC'S 2008 Democratic Primary Presidential Debate Candidates 4/26/07 Obama Statement on Supplemental Bill that Sets a Target Redeployment Date 4/25/07 Obama, Durbin Introduce Bill to Fight Mortgage Fraud and Abuse 4/25/07 America Competes Act 4/25/07 The Visit Of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 4/25/07 Obama Initiatives Would Make America More Competitive by Investing in Diversity 4/25/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 4/23/07 Chicago Tribune: Obama Outlines A Vision Of A New U.S. Approach Abroad 4/23/07 The American Moment -- Remarks to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs 4/23/07 Chicago Tribune: Obama Strong On Environment 4/23/07 NY Times: Obama Outlines His Foreign Policy Views 4/22/07 Statement on Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald 4/20/07 Barack Obama Unveils Initiative to Combat Global Warming 4/20/07 Letter to The Honorable George W. Bush, President of the United States 4/20/07 AP: Obama Pushes Carbon Reductions In Car Fuel 4/19/07 Cantwell, Hatch, Obama Announce Plan to Promote Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles 4/19/07 Letter To Government Accountability Office, Comptroller General, David M. Walker