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11/13/07 The Union Leader - Obama Vows to End War, Step up Fighting Al-Qaeda 11/12/07 Barack Obama Honors Sacrifice of America's Veterans by Addressing Homelessness 11/11/07 Chicago Sun-Times - Obama Vows Moral High Ground for Dems, U.S. 11/11/07 MSNBC - Obama Shows Off Organizational Strength 11/11/07 Des Moines Register - Obama Makes Hay at JJ 11/11/07 Obama Statement Honoring Our Veterans 11/11/07 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript 11/09/07 Obama Introduces Bill To Prevent Veterans Homelessness 11/09/07 Obama Courts Women Voters 11/09/07 Obama Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Challenges Working Women Face 11/09/07 AP - Obama Wants More Help for Families 11/08/07 Obama on Confirmation of Mukasey as Attorney General 11/08/07 Letter to The Honorable Robert C. Byrd, Chairman; The Honorable Thad Cochran, Ranking Member;Committee on Appropriations 11/08/07 The Politico - Media Consolidation Silences Diverse Voices 11/07/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Reclaiming the American Dream 11/07/07 The Las Vegas Review-Journal - Obama Outlines Rural Nevada Plan 11/07/07 Obama Joins Senators to Introduce Legislation to Prohibit Industry-Funded Travel for Federal Regulators 11/07/07 AP - Obama Opens Iowa Campaign Swing 11/07/07 Reuters - Lawmaker Targets Industry Travel By Regulators 11/07/07 AP - Obama Talks of Personal Life in Radio Ad 11/06/07 Obama Statement on Veterans' Affairs Committee Hearing on Marion VA Hospital 11/06/07 Barack Obama Unveils 'Real Leadership for Rural Nevada' Plan 11/05/07 Obama Statement on Writers Guild Strike 11/05/07 Letter to The Honorable S. Ward Casscells, M.D., Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs 11/03/07 AP - Obama: S.C. Civil Rights Pioneers Enabled his Run for President 11/03/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama: Treat 'These Kids' Like 'Our Kids' 11/03/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: A Change We Can Believe In 11/02/07 Obama Statement on Devastation Resulting from Hurricane Noel 11/02/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: A Challenge for Our Times 11/02/07 NBC Today - Transcript 11/02/07 AP - Obama Takes Questions From 5-Year-Old 11/02/07 The New York Times - Obama Envisions New Iran Approach 11/02/07 Obama Introduces Resolution to Halt Rush to War with Iran 11/01/07 AP - Obama Says Clinton Dodges Hard Questions 11/01/07 Murray, Kennedy, Obama and Dorgan Demand Answers on Improper Payments to Lenders 11/01/07 Letter to the Honorable Elaine L. Chao 10/31/07 Chicago Defender - Violence Against Women, at Home and Abroad, Must Cease 10/31/07 Letter to the Honorable John P. Higgins, Jr., Inspector General US Department of Education 10/30/07 The Richmond Times-Dispatch - Obama's Anti-War Beat 10/30/07 Hillary Clinton Joins Two '08 Democratic Candidates In Opposing Mukasey 10/30/07 Obama Opposes Mukasey Nomination 10/30/07 MTV News - Barack Obama Fields Tough Questions At MTV/MySpace Forum 10/30/07 Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum 10/30/07 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Nomination of Dr. James Peake as VA Secretary 10/30/07 Letter to the Honorable Harry Reid, Majority Leader; The Honorable Barbara Boxer, Chairman, Committee on Enviroment and Pubic Works 10/30/07 At the Request of Mr. Reid, the following Statement was ordered to be printed in the Record 10/30/07 Letter to the Honorable Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State 10/29/07 Obama Continues to Advocate for Straight Talk on Social Security 10/29/07 The Des Moines Register - U.S. Policy on Iran Must Show Restraint, Obama Cautions 10/27/07 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - For Obama , it's Not Politics as Usual