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8/03/07 Senate Passes Three Obama Proposals to Make America More Competitive 8/02/07 Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2007--Continued 8/02/07 Chicago Sun Times - Obama has Fresh Ideas in War on Terrorism 8/02/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama: If Pakistan 'will not act' on terrorists, 'we will' 8/02/07 U.S. News - Obama Gets Tough 8/02/07 Senate Passes Obama, McCaskill Legislation to Provide Safety Net for Families of Wounded Service Members 8/02/07 Senators Durbin, Obama, & Brown and Representative Schakowsky Introduce Legislation to Reward "Patriot Employers" 8/02/07 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 8/02/07 Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007 8/01/07 Associated Press - Obama Vows to Hunt Down Terrorists 8/01/07 Remarks of Senator Obama: The War We Need to Win 7/31/07 The Washington Post - Obama and the 'They' Sayers 7/31/07 Obama Urges Swift Senate Passage of Iran Divestment Legislation 7/31/07 Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2007--Continued 7/30/07 Obama Campaign Announces College Democrat Steering Committee 7/30/07 Congressman Hank Johnson Endorses Senator Barack Obama 7/30/07 Des Moines Register - Obama Touts Himself as Reformer 7/30/07 New York Times - In Illinois, Obama Proved Pragmatic and Shrewd 7/30/07 The Gazette - Obama Likens Himself to Roosevelt 7/30/07 Obama Says that as President, He'll Continue Life-Long Commitment to Ethics Reform 7/28/07 Associated Press - Obama Renews Call for Shift in Diplomacy 7/27/07 Obama Says Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups Are Blocking Key Rural Reforms 7/27/07 Investigation Of FEMA Toxic Trailers Included In Homeland Security Bill 7/27/07 The Washington Post - Defining Moment 7/27/07 The State - Obama Wows Convention 7/27/07 Bipartisan Proposal To Require Federal Contractors To Pay Taxes Passes Senate 7/27/07 Concord Monitor - Hodes Joins Obama's Campaign 7/27/07 Go Upstate - Obama Rallies College Students, Urges More Involvement 7/26/07 Common Article 3 7/26/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama College Democrats of America 7/26/07 Obama Urges Congress To Clear Way For More States To Pass Iran Divestment Legislation 7/26/07 Obama Urges Congress To Clear Way For More States To Pass Iran Divestment Legislation 7/26/07 Improving Emergency Medical Care And Response Act 7/26/07 Obama Statement on the Seventeenth Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act 7/26/07 Iran Divestment 7/25/07 ABC News - Obama: 'Better Judgment' on Foreign Policy 7/24/07 Higher Education Amendments Of 2007 7/24/07 Newsday - Dems Answer YouTube Questions at Debate 7/23/07 CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate-Transcript (part 1) 7/23/07 Globe Gazette - Obama Unveils Steps Toward Rural Policy Plan 7/23/07 The Washington Post - Obama's Neighborhood Rich in Diversity 7/23/07 CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate-Transcript (part 2) 7/22/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Council of La Raza 7/22/07 Associated Press - Obama Courts Iowa Union Activists 7/21/07 Baltimore Sun - Obama Invokes Spirit of MLK, RFK 7/21/07 Foster's Online - Obama urges local voters to 'See America as it can be' 7/20/07 The State - Obama: Don't Stay in Iraq Over Genocide 7/20/07 Union Leader - 500 gather in Sunapee tent to meet Obama 7/20/07 Kennedy, Specter, Obama, Senators Work To Overturn Supreme Court Decision On Pay Discrimination 7/20/07 - Obama Runs a Different Kind of Campaign in N.H.