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6/19/08 ABC News - Obama to Break Promise, Opt Out of Public Financing for General Election 6/19/08 Associated Press - Obama Meets With National Security Advisory Group 6/19/08 Durbin, Obama, Costello, Shimkus: VA Investigation Nearing Completion - New Leadership to be in Place at Marion this Fall 6/18/08 Letter to Ed Schafer, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Re: Meeting to Discuss Coordinated Disaster Response 6/18/08 Statement of Senators Barack Obama and Dick Durbin on Illinois Breached Levees 6/18/08 Letter to Robert Byrd and Thad Cochran, Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Re: Supplemental Funding for Storm and Flood Damaged Areas 6/17/08 Letter to Jim Nussle, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Re: Emergency Funding 6/17/08 The New York Times - Obama Gets the Gore Ticket Question 6/17/08 Durbin, Obama Statement in Response to VA Report on Marion Medical Center 6/17/08 Obama Statement on Reports that US Soldiers are Being Recruited for Dangerous Drug Tests 6/17/08 Obama Introduces Preventing Stillbirth and SUID Act of 2008 6/17/08 Letter to the Honorable James Peake, Secretary of Veterans Affairs 6/17/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Global AIDS Reauthorization Bill 6/16/08 Letter to Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury, Re: Push the Chinese Government to Stop Manipulating its Currency 6/16/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Luol Deng 6/16/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Renewing American Competitiveness 6/15/08 NBC "Today" - Interview with Senator Barack Obama 6/15/08 Chicago Tribune - Obama in Father's Day Sermon Reminds Dads That Parenting Doesn't End at Conception 6/15/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Apostolic Church of God 6/14/08 Letter to The Honorable George W. Bush, The President 6/14/08 Durbin, Obama Support Request for Federal Assistance 6/13/08 Letter to The Honorable Rod Blagojevich, governor of Illinois 6/13/08 Durbin and Obama Commend Governor Blagojevich's Preemptive Disaster Declaration for Illinois Flooding 6/13/08 Daily News - Obama Calls for Higher Taxes on America's Wealthiest 3 Percent 6/13/08 Statement on McCain's Refusal of Joint Appearances Offer 6/13/08 Letter to R. David Paulison, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency and The Honorable John Paul Woodley, Jr., Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works 6/13/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Crisis in Zimbabwe 6/13/08 The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Obama, Kaukauna Talk Taxes 6/13/08 Durbin, Obama Statement on Imminent Flooding in Western Illinois 6/12/08 Obama Joins Schumer and McCaskill to Introduce Bill to Close Foreign Lobbying Loopholes 6/12/08 Obama Statement on Today's Supreme Court Decision 6/11/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Credit Cards Event 6/11/08 Obama Statement on Midwest Flooding 6/10/08 The Boston Globe - Obama Does 'Work Day' With Nurse 6/10/08 Statement of Senators Barack Obama and Dick Durbin On Lawrence County Flooding 6/10/08 Obama Statement on Trade Deficit Increase 6/10/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on Senate Bills to Cut Energy Costs 6/09/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Change That Works for You 6/06/08 Statement From U.S. Senator Barack Obama on This Month's Jobs Report 6/06/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Climate Change Bill 6/06/08 The Bristol Herald Courier - Obama Promises Bristol, Va., Crowd Health Care Changes 6/05/08 Toledo Blade - Obama Touts Energy Plan, $1,000 Tax Rebate, at Ohio Stop 6/05/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Health Care Town Hall 6/04/08 Durbin, Obama, Emanuel: Congratulate Chicago on Moving Forward in Olympic Competition 6/04/08 Transcript: Obama's Speech at AIPAC Policy COnference 6/04/08 Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Senate's Passage of the FY 2009 Budget Resolution 6/03/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Final Primary Night 6/03/08 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 6/02/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Troy High School 5/30/08 Letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

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