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7/20/07 Kennedy, Specter, Obama, Senators Work To Overturn Supreme Court Decision On Pay Discrimination 7/19/07 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 7/19/07 College Cost Reduction Act Of 2007--Continued 7/19/07 Washington Post - Obama Says He, Too, Is a Poverty Fighter 7/18/07 NBC "Today"-Transcript 7/18/07 Obama on Iowa, Iraq and the 2008 Race 7/18/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Changing the Odds for Urban America 7/17/07 Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago 7/17/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 7/17/07 Mayor Adrian Fenty Endorses Barack Obama 7/17/07 Obama Statement on The Declassified National Intelligence Estima 7/17/07 Obama Statement on The Declassified National Intelligence Estimate 7/17/07 National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2008--Continued 7/17/07 MSNBC's First Read Blog - Obama on judges, Supreme Court 7/17/07 Chicago Tribune's Swamp Blog - Obama Walks Picket in Chicago 7/17/07 MSNBC - Obama on Judges, Supreme Court 7/15/07 Chicago Tribue - Obama Attacks Violence in Chicago 7/15/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama attacks violence in Chicago 7/14/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama: Shift troops to fight al-Qaida 7/13/07 ABC News - Obama Outshines Fellow Dems at NAACP 7/12/07 Letter To United States President George W. Bush 7/12/07 Detroit Free Press- 'There's More To Do,' Obama Tells Adoring Crowd At Candidates' Forum 7/12/07 Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 7/12/07 Intellegence Assessment On Al-Qaida 7/12/07 Washington Post - Democrats Assail Bush Record on Race 7/12/07 MSNBC - Obama Stars 7/12/07 Obama, Bond, Boxer, McCaskill, Murray, Lieberman Introduce Amendment to Temporarily Cease Military Personality Disorder Discharges 7/11/07 Omaha World-Herald - Obama: No 'Do-Overs' on Issues Like War 7/11/07 Obama Statement on President Bush's Threat to Oppose Expansion of State Children's Health Insurance Program 7/10/07 Birmingham News - Obama's Alabama Stops Pull More Than $100,000 7/10/07 Radio Iowa - Obama Says Troop Surge Hasn't Worked, Need Responsible Withdrawal 7/09/07 Sacramento Bee - Race for '08: Obama Banks On Charisma, Ability to Motivate 7/09/07 The Oskaloosa Herald - Obama: 'People Are Hungry For Change' 7/06/07 Times-Picayune - Obama Promises To Make New Orleans A Priority 7/06/07 The Hawk Eye - Obama Rides Wave to Mount Pleasant 7/05/07 Cenre Daily Times - Obama Tells Teachers Public Schools Should Consider Merit Pay 7/05/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Education Association Annual Meeting 7/05/07 Obama Launches Video in Support of Live Earth 7/05/07 New Hope Courier: Obama Says He Is Emissary For Change 7/04/07 Des Moines Register - 300 Cheer Obama in Keokuk 7/03/07 Boston Globe - Obama Says Strength Lies In Number Of Donors 7/03/07 The Citizen Of Laconia: Obama Offers Message Of Hope 7/02/07 Obama Says Strength Lies In Number Of Donors 7/02/07 The Boston Globe: Obama Says Number Of People, Not Dollars Impressive Part Of Fund-Raising Report 7/02/07 The New York Times - Obama Campaign Raises $32.5 Million 7/02/07 Obama Says Number Of People, Not Dollars Impressive Part Of Fund-Raising Report 7/02/07 Obama: Supremem Court Ruling An Obstacle To Opportunity 7/02/07 Obama Statement On Bush Decision To Commute Libby's Sentence 7/02/07 Obama Announces Historic Grassroots Support 6/30/07 Pioneer Press - With Grass-Roots Themes, Obama Fires Up A Crowd