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6/19/08 Durbin, Obama, Costello, Shimkus: VA Investigation Nearing Completion - New Leadership to be in Place at Marion this Fall 6/17/08 Letter to the Honorable James Peake, Secretary of Veterans Affairs 6/17/08 Durbin, Obama Statement in Response to VA Report on Marion Medical Center 6/17/08 Obama Statement on Reports that US Soldiers are Being Recruited for Dangerous Drug Tests 5/29/08 Obama Statement on Army Suicide Report 5/27/08 Letter to The Honorable James B. Peake, M.D., Secretary of Veterans Affairs 5/27/08 Letter to James Peake, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Re: Marion VA 5/26/08 Obama Statement Honoring Memorial Day 5/22/08 Senate Passes Kerry-Obama Legislation to Close KBR Tax Loophole, Provide Tax Relief for Troops 5/22/08 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, 2008 - Continued 5/16/08 Letter to James Peake, Secretary of Veterans Affairs 5/13/08 The Charleston Gazette - Obama Pushes for New GI Bill 5/12/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Veterans Remarks 4/15/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Town Hall Meeting with Veterans and Military Families 3/14/08 Letter to The Honorable James B. Peake, MD, Secretary of Veterans Affairs 3/05/08 Letter to the Senate Budget Committee 3/03/08 Obama: 'We Will Not Leave Any of Our Veterans Behind' 2/21/08 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 1/31/08 Harkin, Hagel, Obama Take Action to Prevent Suicide Among Active Duty Soldiers 1/29/08 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Reclaiming the American Dream 1/28/08 Obama Statement on the Marion VA Medical Center Reports 12/17/07 Obama Hails Passage of Key Veterans, Contractor Provisions in Defense Authorization Bill 12/12/07 Durbin and Obama Hail House Introduction of the Veterans' Health Quality Improvement Act 12/05/07 Obama Statement on the Nomination Hearing of Dr. James Peake to be VA Secretary 11/16/07 Durbin, Obama Introduce Legislation to Address Quality of Care for Nation's Veterans 11/13/07 The Nashua Telegraph - Obama Wants More Help for Veterans 11/12/07 Barack Obama Honors Sacrifice of America's Veterans by Addressing Homelessness 11/11/07 Obama Statement Honoring Our Veterans 11/09/07 Obama Introduces Bill To Prevent Veterans Homelessness 11/06/07 Obama Statement on Veterans' Affairs Committee Hearing on Marion VA Hospital 11/05/07 Letter to The Honorable S. Ward Casscells, M.D., Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs 10/18/07 Letter to The Honorable Gordon Mansfield, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs 10/17/07 The Des Moines Register - Obama Joins Fight over GI Benefits 10/16/07 Letter to Dean Martinez, Secretary of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) 10/11/07 Letter to Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Re: Deaths at Marion VA Medical Center 10/05/07 The Associated Press - Obama Pledges Better Veterans Care 10/05/07 Obama Discusses Plan to Improve Veterans Care and Help Get Homeless Veterans Off the Streets 10/05/07 Obama Discusses Plan to Improve Veterans Care and Help Get Homeless Veterans Off the Streets 9/26/07 Obama Statement on GAO Report on Care for Wounded Warriors 9/25/07 Obama, McCaskill Fight for Military Family Job Protection 9/24/07 Letter to The Honorable R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs 8/22/07 Obama Responds to President Bush's Speech to the VFW Convention 8/21/07 Senator Obama Addresses VFW Conference 8/21/07 Congressman Patrick Murphy Endorses Barack Obama for President 8/21/07 Union Leader - Obama tells NH crowd he'd Get Troops Home 8/21/07 - U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy Endorses Obama 8/21/07 The Hill - Congress's Only Iraq War Veteran Endorses Obama 8/02/07 Senate Passes Obama, McCaskill Legislation to Provide Safety Net for Families of Wounded Service Members 6/27/07 Veterans' Affairs Bill Incorporates Obama Proposals To Improve Veterans' Health Care And Benefits 6/21/07 Hagel, Obama, Brown Introduce Bill to Improve VA Services for Blind Veterans

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