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9/08/07 Associated Press - Obama Hits Familiar Themes for Enthusiastic Oregon Crowd 9/07/07 Las Vegas Review-Journal - Las Vegas Visit: Obama: D.C. System Fails U.S. 9/06/07 Obama Calls for an End to Special-Interest Politics and a Return to National Unity in Las Vegas Town Hall 9/05/07 Associated Press - Obama Vows Open Health Reform Process 8/28/07 Cabinet Press - Locals Liked Obama 8/27/07 Obama Praises Armstrong's Efforts to Raise Cancer Awareness 8/27/07 Letter to the President of the United States, George W. Bush 8/26/07 Obama Announces Plan to Rebuild the Gulf Coast and Prevent Future Catastrophes 8/22/07 Des Moines Register - Obama: I will Fight for Workers 8/21/07 Senator Obama Addresses VFW Conference 8/16/07 Cedar Falls Courier - Obama Pledges Open Government, Accountability During C.F. Stop 8/15/07 Letter to President of the United States George W. Bush 8/15/07 Obama Campaign Announces Dinner with Barack Participants 8/14/07 Concord Monitor - Obama Calls for Government Reform 8/09/07 Chicago Tribune - Obama does housework, homecare for labor support 8/05/07 Reno Gazette-Journal - Elko Voters Cheer Obama 8/02/07 Senate Passes Obama, McCaskill Legislation to Provide Safety Net for Families of Wounded Service Members 7/26/07 Improving Emergency Medical Care And Response Act 7/22/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the National Council of La Raza 7/20/07 Union Leader - 500 gather in Sunapee tent to meet Obama 7/19/07 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 7/17/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 7/12/07 Obama, Bond, Boxer, McCaskill, Murray, Lieberman Introduce Amendment to Temporarily Cease Military Personality Disorder Discharges 7/09/07 The Oskaloosa Herald - Obama: 'People Are Hungry For Change' 7/06/07 Times-Picayune - Obama Promises To Make New Orleans A Priority 7/03/07 The Citizen Of Laconia: Obama Offers Message Of Hope 6/28/07 All-American Presidential Forum: Democratic-PBS - Transcipt 6/27/07 Veterans' Affairs Bill Incorporates Obama Proposals To Improve Veterans' Health Care And Benefits 6/22/07 Obama Announces Funding for Health Care Research and Illinois Health Services 6/20/07 Obama Statement on Bush Veto of Stem Cell Bill 6/19/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Take Back America 2007 6/19/07 Remarks by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), Democratic Presidential Candidate, to the AFSCME 2007 National Leadership Conference 6/19/07 Ottumwa Courier - Obama Shares Message Of Hope And Unity 6/14/07 Craig Thomas Rural Hospital And Provider Equity Act 6/14/07 Comprehensive Bill to Improve Health Care for service Members Incorporates Obama, McCaskill Proposals 6/13/07 San Jose Mercury News - Obama Inspires Crowd With Excitement, Hope 6/08/07 The Washington Times - Obama Rallies Supporters For Door-To-Door Campaign 6/07/07 Obama Raises Concerns With Nominee for Surgeon General 6/05/07 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the Hampton University Annual Ministers' Conference 6/04/07 Boston Globe: My Health Plan Will Cover Everyone 6/03/07 CNN: New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 5/31/07 Portsmouth Herald: Obama: Health 'Movement' 5/31/07 Las Vegas Sun: Obama Sees Political Gains In Conservative Nevada 5/29/07 Concord Monitor: In North Country, Obama Receives A Warm Welcome 5/29/07 NBC "Today" -Transcript 5/29/07 Cutting Costs and Covering America: A 21st Century Health Care System 5/29/07 Newsday: Obama Offers Universal Health Care Plan 5/27/07 Boston Globe: Obama: Mandatory Troop Mental Health Screening Needed 5/23/07 Domenici, Obama Cosponsor Bill to Expand Mental Health Care Access for Veterans 5/17/07 Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2008--Conference Report

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