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Barack Obama II's Public Statements on Issue: Energy

Office: President, Democratic
Date Title
April 25, 2008 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Press Avail on Energy Plan
April 22, 2008 Obama Statement on Earth Day
April 16, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate Between Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) Moderators: Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos
March 16, 2008 The Indianapolis Star - Obama: 'This Is Your Campaign'
March 11, 2008 Obama Vows to Change Washington, Strengthen Middle Class
Feb. 27, 2008 Letter to Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg, Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, Re: Green Collar Jobs Proposal
Feb. 26, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate - Transcript
Feb. 13, 2008 Letter to President George W. Bush, Re: Reconsider the Department of Energy's Decision to Abandon FutureGen
Feb. 8, 2008 Obama Tours Seattle-Based Green Contractor McKinstry Company, Touts Green Jobs Plan
Jan. 29, 2008 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Reclaiming the American Dream
Jan. 21, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate
Jan. 15, 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate
Jan. 5, 2008 Democratic Presidential Debate
Dec. 21, 2007 Letter to President Bush, Re: Release $586 Million in Home Heating Aid
Dec. 14, 2007 Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007
Dec. 13, 2007 Obama Statement on the Energy Bill
Dec. 13, 2007 Des Moines Register Presidential Debate - Democrats
Dec. 12, 2007 Letter to The Honorable George W. Bush, President of the United States
Dec. 7, 2007 Obama Statement on the Energy Bill
Dec. 6, 2007 Obama and Harkin Praise Compromise Energy Bill as Critical to Future of the Domestic Biofuels Industry and the Rural Economy
Dec. 4, 2007 Obama, Bipartisan Senators Introduce Bill to Increase Emergency LIHEAP Funding
Dec. 3, 2007 Associated Press - Thousands See Barack in Boston
Nov. 20, 2007 Oil Price Information Service - Sources See Continued Push for ‘Energy Lite' With Expanded RFS
Nov. 19, 2007 Letter to Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader and Nancy Pelosi Speaker for the House
Nov. 11, 2007 NBC "Meet the Press" - Transcript
Nov. 6, 2007 Barack Obama Unveils 'Real Leadership for Rural Nevada' Plan
Oct. 30, 2007 Letter to the Honorable Harry Reid, Majority Leader; The Honorable Barbara Boxer, Chairman, Committee on Enviroment and Pubic Works
Oct. 16, 2007 Obama Unveils 'Real Leadership for Rural America' Agenda
Oct. 13, 2007 AP - Obama Knocks on Doors in Iowa
Oct. 8, 2007 Real Leadership for a Clean Energy Future
Oct. 4, 2007 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - Obama Gains a Convert in Independence
Oct. 4, 2007 Letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and the Chairmen and Ranking Commitee Members
Oct. 3, 2007 Obama Statement on North Korea Announcement
Sept. 4, 2007 Sustained Leadership in the Asia-Pacific Region
Aug. 29, 2007 Obama Statement on Illinois' Renewable Electricity Standard
Aug. 28, 2007 Globe Gazette - Obama Says Special Interests Blocking Rural Development
Aug. 19, 2007 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" -Transcript
Aug. 18, 2007 Des Moines Register - Obama Urges Energy Policy Changes
July 23, 2007 Globe Gazette - Obama Unveils Steps Toward Rural Policy Plan
July 23, 2007 CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Debate-Transcript (part 2)
July 21, 2007 Foster's Online - Obama urges local voters to 'See America as it can be'
June 21, 2007 Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives For The Nation Act Of 2007
June 20, 2007 Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives For The Nation Act Of 2007--Continued
June 19, 2007 Remarks by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), Democratic Presidential Candidate, to the AFSCME 2007 National Leadership Conference
June 19, 2007 Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Take Back America 2007
June 19, 2007 Obama Statement on Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Proposals
June 14, 2007 Obama Low Carbon Fuel Initiative Would Equal Taking 30 Million Cars Off the Road
June 14, 2007 Craig Thomas Rural Hospital And Provider Equity Act
June 12, 2007 Boston Globe - Barack Obama Endorses Low Carbon Fuel Standard
June 8, 2007 The Washington Times - Obama Rallies Supporters For Door-To-Door Campaign
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