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10/30/07 Hillary Clinton Joins Two '08 Democratic Candidates In Opposing Mukasey 10/29/07 The Des Moines Register - U.S. Policy on Iran Must Show Restraint, Obama Cautions 10/27/07 The Cedar Rapids Gazette - For Obama , it's Not Politics as Usual 10/26/07 Washington Post - Senate Battle Over FEC Nominee May Hamper Agency's Ability to Act 10/26/07 The Columbus Dispatch - Obama Fires up Crowd at Columbus Rally 10/22/07 AP - Obama Runs New Ad, Promises Tax Help 10/19/07 AP - Obama Wants Official Fired for Comments 10/19/07 Letter to The Honorable Peter D. Keisler, Acting Attorney General 10/19/07 Arizona Republic - He is the Message 10/17/07 Letter to The Honorable Michael Mukasey, Attorney General-Designate 10/16/07 AP - Obama Outlines Policies for Rural America 10/15/07 Wisconsin State Journal - Obama Greets 4,000 of the Faithful in Madison, as He Lays Plans for Iowa 10/13/07 AP - Obama Woos Rural Iowa, Using Ill. Lesson 10/12/07 Obama Says Next President Must Learn Lessons of Iraq War 10/09/07 The Associated Press - Obama Says Only Outsider Can Bring Changes that Rivals Have Failed to Enact 10/06/07 The Boston Globe - Making Connections in Iowa 10/05/07 Obama Discusses Plan to Improve Veterans Care and Help Get Homeless Veterans Off the Streets 10/04/07 Politico - Barack Obama Acts Like He Understands Iowa 9/30/07 Fosters Daily Democrat - Obama visits Portsmouth 9/29/07 The Associated Press - Obama Seeks Support Quoting Bill Clinton 9/27/07 The Union Leader - Obama Woos Supporters in Peterborough Fields 9/25/07 Obama Supporters Mark Five-Year Anniversary of Speech Opposing Iraq War with Rallies Across the Country 9/25/07 Two Iowans Invited As Special Guests to NYC Obama Rally 9/19/07 Obama Calls on Californians to Reject Initiative 9/19/07 AP - Obama Casts Voters As Agents of Change 9/18/07 Obama: D.C. Residents Deserve Voting Rights 9/18/07 District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007 9/12/07 NBC "Today" -Transcript 9/11/07 MSNBC -Transcript 9/08/07 Associated Press - Obama Hits Familiar Themes for Enthusiastic Oregon Crowd 9/07/07 Obama Campaign Announces Generation Obama Iowa Steering Committee 9/06/07 Obama Bill Would Make Voter Intimidation, Election Fraud Illegal 9/06/07 Obama Bill Calls for Disclosure of Bundlers in Campaigns, Greater Transparency in Fundraising 9/06/07 Des Moines Register - Obama Touts Legislative Experience 9/06/07 Obama Campaign Announces African American Steering Committee 9/05/07 Obama Campaign Announces Iowa Latino Steering Committee 9/01/07 Obama Pledges to Honor Role of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina in Choosing Democratic Nominee for President 8/28/07 Chicago Sun-Times - Obama Getting Tough as Going Gets Rough 8/27/07 Obama Statement on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzales 8/26/07 Miami Herald - Obama Stresses 'Libertad' 8/24/07 Sun News- Obama Impresses Crowd at CCU 8/23/07 Globe Gazette - Obama and Women Voters 8/23/07 - Obama steps on Hillary's turf 8/23/07 New York Post - Barack's Apple Polish 8/23/07 New York Post - Barack's Apple Polish 8/22/07 ABC - "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" 8/22/07 New York Times - In Brooklyn, Cheers for Obama 8/21/07 Campaigns & Elections - Obama Goes Grass-Roots To Show It's Not Just About Change 8/20/07 Kansas City Star - Barack Obama Exudes Confidence 8/20/07 Seacoast Online - Obama: U.S. 'Hungry for Change'