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Tim Walberg's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (MI) - District 7, Republican
On The Ballot: Running, Republican for U.S. House - District 7
Pam Byrnes
Kenneth Proctor
Rick Strawcutter
U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan
David Swartout
No Party Affiliation
Date Title
Aug. 22, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
Aug. 18, 2008 Walberg to Pelosi: If You are Serious About Energy Solutions, End Your Book Tour
Aug. 15, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up: "Situation in Georgia Highlights Need for New Energy Plan"
Aug. 13, 2008 Walberg to Pelosi: "Know Your Power," Call Congress Back Into Session
Aug. 12, 2008 Walberg: Using Emergency Oil Reserves Not a Real Energy Plan
Aug. 11, 2008 Walberg: Ten Days Since Speaker Shut Down the House, Pelosi Still Offering Only Gimmicks Such as "Use It or Lose It"
Aug. 8, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
Aug. 1, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
July 31, 2008 Congress Should Not Adjourn Without Energy Vote
July 30, 2008 Energy Solutions
July 30, 2008 Republican Freshman Congressional Report
July 29, 2008 Letter to Samuel Bodman, Secretary of the Department of Energy, Re: Locate Rare Isotope Beam Facility at MSU
July 25, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
July 24, 2008 Put All Energy Options on the Table
July 24, 2008 Walberg Supports American Energy Act
July 23, 2008 Walberg: Flawed Housing Legislation Soaks Taxpayers While Bailing Out Speculators, Lenders
July 18, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up: "Pushing for an Energy Policy That Will Bring Down Prices"
July 17, 2008 Walberg to Pelosi: House Needs To Act Now on Gas Prices
July 16, 2008 Energy Solutions
July 15, 2008 Walberg Supports Bill to Roll Back Costly Government Fuel Mandates, Simplify American Gasoline Supply
July 14, 2008 Walberg: Lifting Ban on Offshore Drilling Will Lead to Lower Gas Prices, A More Secure America
July 11, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
July 10, 2008 Congress Needs to Put All Energy Options On the Table
July 10, 2008 Let's Vote on Energy Legislation
July 9, 2008 Letter to President George W. Bush, Re: Disaster Relief for Flood Damaged Areas of State
July 9, 2008 High Gas Prices Demand Action From Congress
July 7, 2008 Walberg Op-Ed in Battle Creek Enquirer: "No More Excuses on Energy Policy"
July 1, 2008 Battle Creek Enquirer: "Walberg Talks Energy, Health Care With Chamber"
June 27, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
June 26, 2008 Walberg Praises Supreme Court Decision Affirming Right to Bear Arms
June 20, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
June 19, 2008 The High Price of Energy
June 15, 2008 Walberg OP-ED in Jackson Citizen Patriot: Congress Needs to Make 'No Excuses' on Policy
June 13, 2008 Walberg OP-Ed in Investor's Business Daily: No More Excuses: The U.S. Needs to Tap Into its Own Oil Reserves
June 13, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
June 10, 2008 Energy Independence
June 10, 2008 Walberg Tries to Force Congress to Take Real Action on Lwoering Energy Costs
June 6, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
June 5, 2008 Walberg: How High Do Prices Have to Go?
June 4, 2008 Rep. Walberg, Sen. Wicker Announce Bicameral Bill to Lower Health Care Costs, Increase Consumer Choice
June 3, 2008 Walberg OP-ED in Washington Times: "GOP Health Care Card"
May 22, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
May 22, 2008 Walberg Supports Bill to Simplify Nation's Gasoline Supply
May 21, 2008 Walberg: As Gas Prices Rise, House Leaders Continue to Thwart Energy Solutions
May 19, 2008 Supreme Court Agrees with Walberg, Rules to Crackdown on Child Pornography
May 2, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up
May 1, 2008 Walberg Introduces Bill to Lower Health Care Costs for All Americans
May 1, 2008 Walberg Op-Ed on Patient-Centered Health Care Needed To Fix Broken System
April 27, 2008 Walberg Op-Ed in Jackson Citizen Patriot: American Citizens Need Freedom from Taxes
April 25, 2008 Walberg Weekly Wrap-Up: "Increase American Energy Production, Reduce Gas Prices"
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