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Issue Position: Healthcare Issue Position: Issues Issue Position: Social Security Issue Position: Gun Rights Issue Position: Agriculture Issue Position: Spending Issue Position: Taxes Issue Position: Fix Washington Issue Position: Family Values Issue Position: Energy Issue Position: Jobs Issue Position: Veterans Issue Position: Immigration 11/30/12 Letter to President Obama 10/10/12 Delegation: Interior Decision Good Step, More Work to Do 9/21/12 Berg Announces Passage of the Stop the War on Coal Act' 9/21/12 Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012 9/20/12 Statement from Congressman Berg on House Farm Bill 9/20/12 Delegation Meets with BIA Officials on Corrective Action Plan for Spirit Lake Social Services 9/17/12 Delegation Statement on the BIA's Assumption of Administration of Spirit Lake Reservation's Social Services Program 9/12/12 Berg Attends 'Farm Bill Now' Rally'; Continues Push for Farm Bill 9/11/12 Congressman Berg Commemorates the Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks 9/07/12 Berg Statement on Latest Unemployment Numbers 9/04/12 Statement from Congressman Rick Berg on National Debt Hitting $16 Trillion 8/30/12 Congressman Berg Requests Federal Hearing on Corps' Surplus Water Plan 8/29/12 FEMA Approves Temporary Housing Extension in Minot 8/29/12 Berg: Missouri River Water Belongs to Our State and Its Citizens 8/20/12 Delegation: FEMA Expects to Approve Request for Temporary Housing Program Extension, Housing Donations 8/20/12 Statement on Todd Akin's Remarks 8/03/12 Berg: We Will Use Every Tool Available to Push for a Vote on Farm Bill 8/03/12 Berg Statement on Latest Unemployment Report 8/02/12 Pathway to Job Creation Through a Simpler, Fairer Tax Code Act of 2012 8/02/12 Berg Announces Passage of Drought Assistance for North Dakota Farmers and Ranchers 8/02/12 Berg Trying to Get Farm Bill to Floor 8/01/12 Delegation Presses FEMA to Support Hazard Mitigation Projects for Minot 7/31/12 Delegation: Corps Awards Contract for Hoge Island Bank Stabilization Repairs 7/31/12 Delegation Presses FEMA to Support Hazard Mitigation Projects for Minot 7/31/12 Berg Announces Passage of Legislation to Improve Veterans Services 7/27/12 Hoeven Outlines Domestic Energy and Jobs Act of 2012 at Pipeline Delivery Company Tubular Transport and Logistics 7/27/12 Berg Fighting to Abolish Obama-Reid Death Tax On Family Farms and Small Businesses 7/27/12 Hoeven, Berg Partner with Google to Help ND Small Businesses Create Websites, Grow Online Presence 7/26/12 Berg Continues to Fight Back Against President Obama's Regulatory Overreach and Bureaucratic Red Tape 7/26/12 Hoeven, McCarthy, Republican Leaders Launch the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act of 2012 7/25/12 Berg: It's Time to Audit the Fed 7/24/12 Continuing His Advocacy of AG Industry, Congressman Berg Announces Passage of Preserving Family Farms Act 7/23/12 Authorizing State or Local Government to Construct Levees on Certain Properties 7/20/12 Berg Announces Passage of 2013 Department of Defense Funding 7/19/12 Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House, Eric Cantor, Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader; and Steny Hoyer, Minority Whip 7/19/12 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013 7/18/12 Grant Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia