Representative Paul C. Broun's Public Statements


Full Name: Paul C. Broun
Current Office: U.S. House - District 10, Republican
First Elected: 07/25/2007
Last Elected: 11/06/2012
Next Election: 2014
Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Niki; 3 Children: Carly, Lucy, Collins
Birth Date: 11/02/1951
Birth Place: Atlanta, GA
Home City: Athens, GA
Religion: Baptist
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6/04/09 Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act 6/04/09 Cap and Tax, An Overdose Of New Taxes 6/04/09 Broun Bashes Wacky-Marxist Cap And Tax Bill 6/03/09 Control Carbon and Control Life 5/29/09 Congressman Broun Responds to President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee 5/28/09 Letter to the Steven Rattner, Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury - Elimination of Thousands of Chrysler and GM Dealerships 5/26/09 Letter to the Honorable Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense 5/22/09 Letter To The Honorable Timothy Geithner, Secretary, United States Department of Treasury 5/21/09 Broun Responds to President Obama's Plans for Gitmo Detainees 5/20/09 Iran's Missile Test 5/20/09 America's Energy Crisis 5/19/09 Addressing the Health Care Crisis 5/18/09 The Steamroller of Socialism 5/13/09 Hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee - The President's FY2010 Budget Request for the Department of Homeland Security 5/13/09 Economics and Energy 5/07/09 Congressman Broun Observes National Day of Prayer - Introduces The National Year of the Bible Resolution 5/05/09 H1N1 Influenza 5/05/09 Domestic Energy 5/05/09 Dr. Broun Announces $2.25 Million in Research Grants for the University of Georgia 4/27/09 Health Care Reform 4/22/09 Motion to Instruct Conferees on S. Con. Res. 13, Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2010 4/02/09 Congressman Broun Supports Affordable Budget Alternatives For Hardworking Americans 4/01/09 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2010 3/30/09 Melane Blocker Stokes Mom's Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act 3/27/09 Broun Supports An Affordable And Direct Road To Economic Recovery 3/26/09 Projects To Get $4 Billion 3/26/09 Congressman Broun Meets With Major General Temple Of The Army Corps Of Engineers Regarding Savannah River Basin Issues 3/25/09 Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 3/25/09 Stimulating the Economy 3/24/09 Unprecedented Taxing and Spending 3/24/09 Department of Homeland Security Component Privacy Officer Act of 2009 3/24/09 A Budget that Spends Too Much, Taxes Too Much, and Borrows Too Much 3/23/09 Economic Situation Facing Our Country 3/23/09 Health Care Reform Is Needed 3/19/09 Lack Of Transparency Is The True Perpetrator In This Crime Against Taxpayers 3/19/09 The AIG Bonus Bill is a Legislative Cover Up 3/18/09 Broun Blasts President's Plan To Charge America's Heroes For Health Care 3/17/09 Hearing Of The House Science And Technology Committee - New Directions For Energy Research And Development At The U.S. Department Of Energy 3/17/09 The Part of "Owe" 3/16/09 President Obama's Budget Spends Too Much, Taxes Too Much, and Borrows Too Much 3/12/09 Water Quality Investment Act of 2009 3/11/09 Economic Engine Doesn't Run On Pork 3/11/09 Our Health Care Financing System 3/11/09 Stem Cell Research 3/10/09 Letter to President Barak Obama, President of the United States 3/06/09 Getting Off the Road to Socialism 3/05/09 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 1106, Helping Families Save Thier Homes Act of 2009 3/05/09 Fixing the American Economy 2/26/09 Broun's Statement on President Obama's 2010 Budget 2/26/09 Second Amendment Task Force Resonpds To Atoorney General's Comments On Assault Weapons