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Ned Lamont's Public Statements

Date Title
Oct. 23, 2006 The Day - Candidates Debate, Crowd Sings
Oct. 22, 2006 Press Release - Lamont: NYT Shows How Stay-the-Course Joe Is Now Totally Isolated On Iraq
Oct. 17, 2006 Lamont Energy Plan
Oct. 11, 2006 A Plan For Change
Sept. 24, 2006 Letter From Ned Lamont to Sen. Lieberman: National Intelligence Estimate Finds the War in Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe
Sept. 19, 2006 Lamont Discusses Medicare Part D in Hamden
Sept. 18, 2006 Lamont Discusses Health Care Vision in Bridgeport
Sept. 18, 2006 Lamont Labor Support Continues to Grow: Council 4 AFSCME Changes Endorsement to Ned Lamont
Sept. 18, 2006 Torrington Register-Citizen - Lamont Speaks in Goshen
Sept. 15, 2006 Waterbury Republican-American - Lieberman Hit on Missed Votes Lamont Says Senator has Become Hibernating Bear
Sept. 13, 2006 Real Security in a Dangerous World
Aug. 29, 2006 Open Letter to Connecticut on the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
Aug. 28, 2006 Lamont Receives Endorsement of SEIU
Aug. 25, 2006 Republican Chris Shays Echoes Lamont, Lieberman "Taking a Look" at Shays Plan
Aug. 23, 2006 Lamont Calls on Lieberman to Come Clean on Plans to End US Involvement in Iraq
Aug. 20, 2006 Lamont Campaign Blasts Lieberman's Appearance on Face the State
Aug. 16, 2006 MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews - Transcript
Aug. 16, 2006 Wall Street Journal - The Democrats Mean Business
Aug. 13, 2006 CBS Face the Nation - Transcript
Aug. 9, 2006 CNN American Morning - Transcript
Aug. 8, 2006 MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews - Transcript
Jan. 1, 1 Energy Independence and the Environment
Jan. 1, 1 Why Am I Running?
Jan. 1, 1 Situation in the Middle East
Jan. 1, 1 The War in Iraq
Jan. 1, 1 Health Care
Jan. 1, 1 Education
Jan. 1, 1 Jobs
Jan. 1, 1 Infrastructure
Jan. 1, 1 Civil Liberties
Jan. 1, 1 Reproductive Freedom
Jan. 1, 1 Issues
Jan. 1, 1 Equal Rights
Jan. 1, 1 Marriage Equality & LGBT Issues
Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy
Issue Position: Transportation
Issue Position: Energy and Environment
Issue Position: State Budget
Issue Position: Health Care
Issue Position: Education
Issue Position: Renewing Our Cities
Issue Position: Seniors
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