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Issue Position: Building the Nation's Best K-12 Public School System Issue Position: Building a Safer Maryland Issue Position: Providing Healthcare to More Marylanders Issue Position: Higher Education Issue Position: A Smart, Green & Growing Maryland Issue Position: Protecting Family Farms Issue Position: Helping Working Families Through Tough Times Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility in Tough Times Issue Position: Fiscal Responsibility Issue Position: Environment Issue Position: Public Safety Issue Position: Working Families Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Taxes Issue Position: Family Owned Businesses Issue Position: Healthcare Issue Position: Transportation Issue Position: Making College Tuition Affordable Issue Position: Jobs Issue Position: Leadership and Innovation Issue Position: Minority & Women Owned Businesses Issue Position: Veterans Issue Position: Women and Children 11/14/15 Democratic Debate Transcript: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley in Iowa 10/13/15 CNN Democratic Party Presidential Debate 9/10/15 Gummy Bears and $1.74 9/02/15 O'Malley's Bold Service Plan Will Expand Opportunities in Iowa 9/01/15 About Secretary Clinton's emails… 8/26/15 Nashua Telegraph - The Climate Change Threat 8/24/15 Another View - Martin O'Malley: To Ensure Retirement Security, Let's Start by Expanding Social Security 7/31/15 Remarks to the National Urban League 7/14/15 Welcoming New Americans to Rebuild the American Dream 7/10/15 An Open Letter to Wall Street Megabanks 6/25/15 Remarks on Foreign Policy at Trucon15 6/23/15 U.S. Conference of Mayors, Remarks 6/18/15 USA Today - A Jobs Agenda for Our Renewable Energy Future 5/30/15 Announcement Speech 5/30/15 Announcement Speech 5/13/15 Washington Post - In New Hampshire, O'Malley Makes Baltimore Unrest Part of His Pitch 5/03/15 NBC "Meet the Press" Transcript: May 3, 2015 5/01/15 Yahoo - Martin O'Malley Returns to a Baltimore He Barely Recognizes 4/30/15 Huffington Post - We Are Capable of More 4/23/15 Washington Post - Federal Solutions to Our Student Loan Problem 4/16/15 Governor Martin O'Malley Delivers Remarks at Harvard Kennedy School 3/19/15 Des Moines Register - Prevent Another Crash, Reform Wall Street 3/11/15 Remarks at the Brookings Institution on Data-Driven Governing 2/26/15 Politico - On the Clock, but Underpaid 1/09/15 Governor O'Malley Releases Genuine Progress Indicator Results 1/09/15 The Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting -- University of Chicago 1/06/15 Governor O'Malley Honors Harriet Tubman with Bust at Government House