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Robert Corker's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (TN) - Jr, Republican
Date Title
Sept. 27, 2008 Tennessean - Corker: 'Wall St. Bailout' is Really for Main St.
Sept. 25, 2008 Corker Accepts NFIB Guardian of Small Business Award
Sept. 25, 2008 Corker Responds to President Bush's Remarks on the Economic Crisis
Sept. 25, 2008 Corker Says Bipartisan 'Agreement in Principle' Reached on Legislation to Address Our Country's Economic Crisis
Sept. 25, 2008 MSNBC "Race For The White House With David Gregory" - Transcript
Sept. 24, 2008 Working Together
Sept. 23, 2008 Corker Says a "More Prudent Course is Necessary" Following Banking Hearing with Paulson, Bernanke
Sept. 23, 2008 Corker Votes for Extension of Expiring Tax Provisions
Sept. 22, 2008 CNBC "Wall Street in Crisis" - Transcript
Sept. 22, 2008 Following Meeting with Paulson and Bernanke, Corker Comments on Plan to Address Nation's Financial Crisis
Sept. 19, 2008 Corker Statement on Plan to Address Nation's Financial Crisis
Sept. 19, 2008 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, Re: Protect American Energy Freedom Day
Sept. 17, 2008 Letter to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, Re: Speedy Passage of Second Amendment Rights Legislation
Sept. 17, 2008 Corker Says Defense Bill Authorizes Funding for Key Tennessee Infrastructure Projects and Military Spouse Benefits
Sept. 12, 2008 Corker Pushes for Greater Oversight, Effectiveness of the UN
Sept. 11, 2008 Corker Recognizes September 11th
Sept. 11, 2008 Corker Signs DeMint Letter Urging End to Bans on Offshore Oil and Western Shale Exploration
Sept. 11, 2008 Corker Comments on Highway Trust Fund Fix
Sept. 10, 2008 Corker Backs Legislation to Improve Voting Process for Overseas Military
Sept. 2, 2008 Sen. Corker Returns from Republic of Georgia; Says It Is ‘Vitally Important for U.S. to Play Appropriate Role in Supporting Emerging Democracies Like Georgia'
Sept. 2, 2008 Commercial Appeal - Corker Supports Aid for Republic of Georgia
Aug. 26, 2008 Corker: Addition of Six New Senators to the Gang Shows that a Bipartisan, Balanced Approach is the Way Forward on Energy Security
Aug. 8, 2008 Alexander, Corker Recognize Tennessee Olympians
Aug. 1, 2008 Corker, Gang of 10 Unveil Plan to Reduce Energy Prices
July 31, 2008 Corker Votes Against Over-Regulation of Higher Ed
July 31, 2008 Corker: Consumer Product Safety Bill Will Enhance Public Safety
July 30, 2008 Alexander, Corker Ask McCain and Obama to Work with Them on Health Care Reform
July 29, 2008 Corker Voices Support for Debating Tax Extenders and Media Shield But Not Until Energy Crisis is Addressed
July 29, 2008 Corker: Administration's Updated Budget Projection Not Honest View of Country's Dire Fiscal Situation
July 28, 2008 Crapo, Colleagues Seek Presidential Input on Health Care Reform
July 27, 2008 Corker Statement on Tragic Shooting in Knoxville
July 26, 2008 Energy
July 25, 2008 Corker Votes Against Giving Treasury Secretary a Blank Check and Unprecedented Powers to Bail Out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
July 23, 2008 UT-DuPont Partnership to Bring Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Biorefinery to Vonore
July 23, 2008 Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act of 2008 - Motion to Proceed
July 20, 2008 Tennessee and Volkswagen: America at Its Best
July 16, 2008 Alexander, Corker, Blackburn, Cooper Push for Nashville Immigration Judge
July 16, 2008 Corker Meets with Colombian Ambassador, Urges Passage of U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
July 15, 2008 Alexander, Corker Vote Again to Strengthen Medicare, Reverse Cuts in Physician Payments, Help Tennessee Hospitals
July 15, 2008 Corker, Alexander, Wamp Reaction to Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Announcement That It Will Produce Cars in Chattanooga
July 14, 2008 Corker Says Lifting Executive Ban on Offshore Production Must Be Accompanied With Congressional Action
July 11, 2008 Corker Pleased Committee-Passed Transportation, Treasury, and Housing & Urban Development (THUD)
July 10, 2008 Corker: Petraeus, Odierno Confirmations Good for the Generals and for American Interests in Iraq and the Broader Middle East
July 10, 2008 Corker Votes to Establish Tools to Deal with Troubled Housing Market
July 9, 2008 With a Commitment to Fix the MED Issue, Alexander and Corker Vote for Bill to Delay Cuts in Medicare Payments to Physicians
July 9, 2008 Corker Votes for Terrorism Surveillance Bill
July 8, 2008 Corker: G8 Declaration on Environment and Climate Change is a Positive, Realistic Step Forward
July 8, 2008 Corker: G8 Declaration on Environment and Climate Change is a Positive, Realistic Step Forward
July 3, 2008 Corker Honors Independence Day
July 1, 2008 Kerry, Corker, Whitehouse Announce Nelson Mandela Will Be Removed From Terror Watch Lists
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