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Parker Griffith, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
Nov. 3, 2009 Griffith Praises Veterans Organization For Award
Nov. 2, 2009 Griffith Small Business Legislation Passes House Floor
Oct. 29, 2009 Statement Of Rep. Griffith On House Health Care Bill
Oct. 29, 2009 Honoring Secretary John McHugh
Oct. 22, 2009 Statement Of Representative Griffith On Full Release Of Augustine Report
Oct. 22, 2009 Griffith Announces Special Payments For Service Members Who Served Under Stop Loss Orders Start Today
Oct. 15, 2009 Griffith Votes Again To Support Immigration Enforcement
Oct. 13, 2009 Griffith Announces Extended Veterans Benefits
Oct. 9, 2009 Griffith Holds Meetings With Bolden, Presses For Marshall Needs
Oct. 8, 2009 Missile Defense Decisions
Oct. 7, 2009 Griffith Votes For Vets, Cuts Taxes Tuesday
Oct. 1, 2009 Griffith Announces Emergency Veterans Benefits
Sept. 30, 2009 Griffith Visits U.S. -- Mexican Border At El Paso
Sept. 24, 2009 Griffith Votes To Freeze Medicare Premiums
Sept. 18, 2009 Griffith Votes For Single Largest Investment In College Aid In American History
Sept. 17, 2009 Statement On White House Missile Defense Announcement
Sept. 17, 2009 Griffith Votes To Boost American Innovation, Protect Jobs, National Security
Sept. 3, 2009 Griffith Presses For Faster Response To Swine Flu
Sept. 2, 2009 Griffith Votes For Return To Fiscal Responsibility
Sept. 1, 2009 Griffith Outlines Principles For Health Care Reform
Aug. 3, 2009 Funding Missile Defense is the Best Stimulus
Aug. 3, 2009 Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us
July 24, 2009 Griffith Outlines Principles for Health Care Reform
July 23, 2009 Griffith Votes for Return to Fiscal Responsibility
July 10, 2009 Griffith Outlines Principles for Health Care Reform
June 26, 2009 Griffith Votes No On Energy Bill
June 25, 2009 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010
June 25, 2009 Griffith Supports Immigration Reform
June 25, 2009 Amendment No. 10 Offered by Mr. Kratovil
June 23, 2009 Members Of Congress Call For Bipartisan Health Care Reform
June 23, 2009 Griffith Shows Support for Vets in Four Votes Today
June 19, 2009 Griffith Stands Up For NASA In Appropriations Battle
June 18, 2009 Press Conference With Rep. Jim Cooper; Rep. Mike Castle; Rep. Parker Griffith; Rep. Jo Ann Emerson - The Need For Bipartisan Consensus On Health Care Reform
June 16, 2009 Commerce, Justice, Science, And Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010
June 16, 2009 Griffith Votes For Vets As Supplemental Appropriations Passes House
June 9, 2009 Griffith Presses Defense Intelligence Agency Over MSIC Future
June 8, 2009 Griffith Votes To Support Federal Employees
June 8, 2009 Griffith Votes To Support Federal Employees
June 8, 2009 Funding Missile Defense Is The Best Stimulus
June 6, 2009 65th Anniversary of D-Day
June 3, 2009 Letter To The Honorable Daniel Inouye, Chairmen and Ranking Member Thad Cochran, Senate Appropriations Comittee and The Honorable David Obey, Chairmen and Ranking Member Jerry Lewis House Appropriations Committee
May 28, 2009 Hutsville Times - Griffith Touts 'Middle Road' in his Washington Update
May 28, 2009 Letter to the Steven Rattner, Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury - Elimination of Thousands of Chrysler and GM Dealerships
May 26, 2009 Huntsville Times - 'Small Business is Core of Our Economy,' Griffith Says
May 25, 2009 Statement on North Korean Nuclear Test
May 21, 2009 Griffith Votes To Protect The 2nd Amendment
May 21, 2009 Griffith Votes To Strengthen Small Business, Create Jobs
May 20, 2009 Statement from Rep. Griffith on Successful Iranian Missile Test
May 18, 2009 Letter to the Honorable Henry Waxman, Chairman, Energy and Commerce Committee; the Honorable Joe Barton Ranking Member Energy and Commerce Committee
May 15, 2009 Griffith Backs Kinetic Energy Interceptor
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