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The Mortgage Crisis. Putting Wall Street Ahead of Main Street Hits Home Bad Signal -- My9 TV Breaks Its Promise to Cover NJ Issues Five Years in Iraq is Long Enough Standing Up to the NRA to Close the Gun Show Loophole Terrorists and Guns - Outrageous Together Reforming Washington, Cutting Waste and Getting Our Fair Share for NJ Standing Up to George Bush and the Chemical Lobbyists – and Winning Children or War - Bush's Sad Choice Your Right to Know Join Me to Build a Better, Brighter Future The All-Night Iraq Debate Big Oil's Domination of America's Energy Policy Issue Position: Supporting Working Families Issue Position: New Jersey Transportation Issue Position: Environment & Pollution Issue Position: Fighting Crime & Gun Violence Issue Position: Taking on Special Interests Issue Position: Economic Reform Issue Position: Improving Health Care Issue Position: Standing Strong Issue Position: It's Time to End the Iraq War Issue Position: Senator Lautenberg - On the Issues Issue Position: Making a Difference on Education Issue Position: Homeland Security & Combating Terrorism Issue Position: Standing with our Troops & Veterans Issue Position: Preserving Social Security & Medicare Issue Position: Making a Real Difference 10/02/13 Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Social Security Protectors 6/04/13 Point Pleasant Patch - New Bill Introduced to Delay Flood Insurance Rate Hikes 6/03/13 Dredging - Senators Announce Aid for North Wildwood Beach Replenishment 5/31/13 Letter to President Obama - Russian Adoptions 5/31/13 Lautenberg, Menendez Announce More Than $3 Million in Federal Sandy Aid for North Wildwood Beach Replenishment 5/30/13 Momentum Builds for Chemical Safety Improvement Act 5/30/13 Schumer, Lautenberg, Lahood Announce Critical First Step Towards Building Rail Tunnel Under the Hudson - Federal Funding Would Arrive Just in Time to Save Necessary Right of Way Before Opportunity is Lost 5/29/13 Menendez, Lautenberg Announce Nearly $5 Million in Federal Sandy Relief to Begin Hazard Mitigation Efforts 5/24/13 Lautenberg Urges Passage of Infrastructure Fund Bill in Light of Washington Bridge Collapse 5/24/13 Senate Support Continues to Build for Chemical Safety Improvement Act 5/23/13 Lautenberg, Holt Introduce Bill to Support Innovative Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching 5/23/13 Senators Menendez, Lautenberg Applaud $3.7 Billion in Second Round of FTA Sandy Relief for Public Transit Needs 5/23/13 Top EPA Toxics Officials Under Obama & Bush Admins Hail Lautenberg-Vitter Bill to Reform Nation's Chemical Laws 5/22/13 Schumer, Lautenberg, Menendez, Gillibrand Announce Legislation to Overturn TSA Decision Allowing "Small" Knives on Plane Surges 5/22/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Reach Agreement to Reform Nation's Chemical Laws 5/22/13 Senators Lautenberg And Vitter Reach Groundbreaking Agreement To Reform Nation's Chemical Laws 5/17/13 Senator Lautenberg Joins Sen. Menendez, Rep. Maloney to Intro the "Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services Act" 5/16/13 Lautenberg Votes to Advance EPA Nominee Gina McCarthy 5/15/13 Senate Approves Legislation to Advance Flood Prevention & Water Infrastructure Projects 5/14/13 Federal Transportation Safety Panel Includes Lautenberg's Ignition Interlock Proposal in Drunk Driving Recommendations 5/10/13 Lautenberg Statement on FAA Announcement that Trenton-Mercer Tower Will Not Be Closed 5/09/13 Senate Approves Lautenberg Resolution to Honor America's Teachers 5/08/13 Lautenberg Bill Would Prevent Sale of Guns to All Nonimmigrant Aliens