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John Kerry's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Secretary of State, Democratic
Date Title
April 18, 2007 Kerry Pushes SEC for Small Business Fix, Sarbanes-Oxley Extension
April 18, 2007 Kerry Opening Statement on Sarbanes-Oxley
April 18, 2007 Kerry Says Republicans Sided with Big Drug Companies over Seniors
April 18, 2007 Kerry: 'unacceptable' habitat quality at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
April 18, 2007 Kerry Praises House Passage of Disaster Bill
April 17, 2007 Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2007--Continued
April 17, 2007 Kerry Calls on Paul Wolfowitz to Resign
April 17, 2007 Letter To Chairman, Senate Committee On Foreign Relation, Joseph Biden
April 16, 2007 Kerry Applauds Coast Guard's Decision to Use Open Competition on Deepwater Contract
April 16, 2007 Kerry Affirms Support of DC Voting Rights
April 13, 2007 Kerry Says White House Should Not Promote Failed Walter Reed Chairman
April 12, 2007 Kerry Urges US to Remain Competitive on Climate Change Action
April 12, 2007 Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2007--Motion To Proceed
April 11, 2007 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act Of 2007
April 11, 2007 Letter to The Honorable Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
April 11, 2007 Letter: To Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
April 6, 2007 Kerry: latest Bush effort to Whitewash Climate Change is Unacceptable
April 6, 2007 Letter to Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski
April 6, 2007 Letter to Prime Minister of Poland Jaroslaw Kaczynski
April 5, 2007 Letter to The Honorable David M. Walker Comptroller
April 5, 2007 Kerry on Deal to keep MLB on Cable Television
April 4, 2007 Kerry on White House Recess Appointment of Sam Fox
April 4, 2007 Kerry, Kennedy, Frank, McGovern applaud Governor Patrick's South Coast Commuter Rail Timetable
April 3, 2007 Letter to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson
April 3, 2007 Kerry Defends Speaker Pelosi Against White House Attacks
April 3, 2007 MSNBC Hardball-Transcript
April 3, 2007 Kerry Responds to Bush Press Conference
April 2, 2007 John Kerry on Massachusetts vs. EPA Supreme Court Verdict
April 2, 2007 Kerry on MLB Opening Day: We're Waiting on You
April 2, 2007 Fox O'Reilly Factor-Transcript
March 30, 2007 Letter to Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition And Forestry, Chairman and Ranking Member Tom Harkin, and Saxby Chambliss
March 29, 2007 Bipartisan Bill to Overhaul Disaster Loan Program Clears Committee
March 29, 2007 Kerry, Hagel Amendment Improves Reservist Loan Program in Supplemental Bill
March 29, 2007 Kerry Warns Bush: Don't Veto Iraq Funding Bill
March 28, 2007 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions
March 28, 2007 U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, And Iraq Accountability Act, 2007
March 28, 2007 Kerry, Hagel Introduce Bill to Support Veteran, Reservist Entrepreneurs
March 28, 2007 Kerry on White House Withdrawal of Sam Fox Nomination
March 27, 2007 Kerry Praises Senate Vote on Deadline for Withdrawal of US Troops from Iraq
March 27, 2007 Kerry Tells Parties in Baseball Deal to Put Fans First
March 23, 2007 Congressional Budget For The United States Government For Fiscal Year 2008
March 23, 2007 Kerry Praises House Troop Withdrawal Deadline Vote
March 22, 2007 Katrina, Rita Small Business Relief Included in Emergency Appropriations Bill
March 22, 2007 Letter To Inspector General Department Of Justice Glenn Fine
March 22, 2007 John Kerry on John and Elizabeth Edwards' Announcement
March 21, 2007 John Kerry on Therese Murray's election as President of the Massachusetts Senate
March 21, 2007 Kerry on Bush Administration Switch on Medicaid Qualifications for Children
March 21, 2007 John Kerry on Senate President Robert Travaglini's Resignation
March 21, 2007 John Kerry Praises Al Gore on His Leadership Fighting Global Warming
March 20, 2007 Healthy Families Act
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