Secretary John Forbes Kerry's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Secretary of State, Democratic
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3/15/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 3/14/07 Kerry Statement on Senate Democrats' Iraq Exit Strategy 3/14/07 Letter: To Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense 3/13/07 Letter to Senators Feinstein and Craig 3/13/07 Letter To Chairman, Ranking Member Committee On The Budget, Senators Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg 3/13/07 Iraq 3/12/07 Government Should Help Small Businesses Comply With The Sarbanes-Oxley Act 3/12/07 Kerry: I doubt ICE Has Any Real Idea About Who It's Detaining 3/12/07 Letter to Secretary Of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff 3/08/07 Kerry Response to DirecTV-MLB Announcement 3/08/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Climate Change Hearing 3/08/07 Kerry Promotes Small Businesses Solutions to Climate Change 3/08/07 Kerry on House Democrats' Deadline Proposal 3/08/07 Bipartisan legislation Would Extend Tax Incentives, Lower Energy Costs, Increase Energy Independence 3/08/07 Kerry: Senate Democrats United Behind Iraq Deadline Plan 3/08/07 Kerry On Immigration Raid In New Bedford 3/07/07 Kerry On New Bedford Immigration Raid That Left Dozens Of Children Stranded 3/07/07 Letter to Customs Enforcement Director Karyn Lang 3/07/07 Kerry, Dodd and Biden Pressure Pakistan on Al Qaeda 3/07/07 Kerry Praises Contributions of Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Promises Action to Aid Small Businesses 3/06/07 Kerry on New Bedford Immigration Raid 3/06/07 Kerry Statement on Libby Guilty Verdict 3/06/07 Kerry Supports Improved Fuel Economy Standards 3/06/07 Kerry Praises YouthBuild Students At Annual Leadership Conference; Vows To Continue Fight For Additional Funding 3/05/07 Every Veteran Deserves The Best Care 3/05/07 Kerry Statement on Fish and Wildlife Hearing Regarding Polar Bears 3/01/07 Kerry: Gulf Coast Needs More than Empty Promises 3/01/07 Kerry Welcomes New Leadership at Walter Reed 3/01/07 Kerry Calls for Reviews of Disaster Recovery Contracting Practices 2/28/07 Kerry: Small Business Budget Inadequate, More Action Needed on Disaster Loan Program 2/28/07 Letter to The Honorable Kent Conrad, Chairman Senate Budget Committee and The Honorable Judd Gregg, Ranking Member Senate Budget Committee 2/28/07 Submitted Resolutions 2/28/07 Kerry Statement on U.S. Talks with Iran and Syria 2/28/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Budget Hearing 2/27/07 Kerry Homeland Security Amendment Would Help Hospitals Communicate in a Disaster 2/27/07 Kerry Announces Hearing on Proposed $32 Billion TXU-KKR Deal 2/23/07 Kerry, Snowe Urge Sarbanes-Oxley Extension for Small Firms 2/22/07 Kerry Gets Promise from FCC to Investigate MLB-DirectTV Deal 2/21/07 Kerry Statement on Clean Coal Legislation 2/20/07 Kerry Joins Obama, McCaskill To Improve Conditions At Walter Reed Hospital 2/20/07 Kerry Response to British Redeployment Plan 2/19/07 Kerry On Today's Iraq "Surge" Vote 2/18/07 Opinion: Bush Budget Doesn't Get Job Done For Massachusetts Small Business 2/17/07 Birthday Tribute To Senator Edward M. Kennedy 2/16/07 Kerry on Iraq Vote: "We owe our brave men and women an honest debate" 2/16/07 Senate to Hold Hearing on MLB-DirectTV Squeeze Play 2/16/07 Iraq 2/16/07 Kerry Legislation Would Protect Minority and Low-Income Communities from Toxins, Pollution 2/15/07 Kerry and Dorgan Tackle Iraq Contracting Fraud 2/15/07 Iraq