Secretary John Forbes Kerry's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Secretary of State, Democratic
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6/04/07 'DREAM' Act would Give Young Immigrants a Chance at College by Sen. John Kerry The New Bedford Standard-Times 5/30/07 Kerry Says Zoellick Must Reach Out to World Community 5/25/07 Kerry: Data Collection Plan - Necessary First Step to Ubiquitous Broadband 5/24/07 Kerry, Cantwell, Warner Reintroduce Legislation to Protect 60 Million Acres of Roadless Forest 5/24/07 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations 5/23/07 Kerry Amendment Protects Children, Families Caught In Immigration Raids 5/23/07 Kerry Joins with Democratic Senators to Highlight Price Gouging at the Pump, Energy Package 5/23/07 Kerry Warns White House: If you Expect Senate Confirmation, Send us a Nominee Who will Protect Consumers 5/23/07 Kerry, Snowe Concerned by SEC Failure to Give Small Firm Extension on Sarbanes Oxley Compliance 5/23/07 Kerry: An Iraq Bill Without a Deadline is Meaningless 5/22/07 Kerry Focuses on Expanding Minority Entrepreneurship Opportunities 5/22/07 Kerry, Clinton, Emanuel, Murphy and Walz Fight for Full Troop Pay Increase 5/22/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Minority Entrepreneurship Hearing 5/22/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Minority Entrepreneurship Hearing 5/21/07 Bipartisan Group of Senators Work to Eliminate the Pension Gap for Women 5/21/07 Letter To United States President George W. Bush 5/18/07 Letter to Her Excellency Wu Yi, Vice Premier State Council, Central Government Beijing, P.R. China 5/17/07 Small Business Victory in Budget Resolution 5/16/07 Kerry Says Votes Show "Even Republicans Concede Bush Iraq Policy Must Change" 5/16/07 Small Business Lending Bill Clears Committee 5/16/07 Kerry, Snowe Introduce Bill to Protect Threatened Polar Bears 5/16/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Lending Reauthorization Markup 5/16/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Lending Reauthorization Markup 5/16/07 Kerry Plan Requires Airlines to Publish Accurate, Monthly Lists of Chronically Late Flights 5/15/07 Water Resources Development Act Of 2007--Continued 5/15/07 Statement On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 5/15/07 Reverend Jerry Falwell 5/15/07 Kerry Amendment Forces Army Corps to Acknowledge Global Warming 5/15/07 Kerry Meets with Patriots Star, Stroke Survivor, Tedy Bruschi 5/15/07 Kerry Pushes for Increased Accountability in Defense Contracting with Service-Disabled Veterans 5/14/07 Kerry: Bush Announcement "Happy Talk" Must Be Matched With Action 5/14/07 Kerry, Kennedy introduce bill to help protect Boston Harbor Islands 5/11/07 Marine Mom Comforted 5/10/07 Kerry Tells Army Corps Of Engineers To Plan For Global Warming 5/09/07 Kerry Tells Cheney to Get Tough with Iraqi Government 5/09/07 Kerry Says Global Warming Poses National Security Risk 5/09/07 Kerry Calls for Investigation into Women's Business Center Funding Delays 5/09/07 Kerry Votes for FDA Bill to Make Medications Safer for Americans 5/08/07 Kerry, Pascrell Move to Strengthen Tax Credits, Reduce Poverty and Reward Work 5/08/07 Kerry Says New Fuel Efficiency Standards Are "A Step Forward" But Fall Short 5/08/07 Kerry Promotes Strong Innovation Research Program at Navy's Opportunity Forum 5/07/07 Kerry Plan Would Save Bristol Bay from Oil Drilling 5/07/07 We Can Stop A Catastrophe 5/04/07 Kerry Health Care Plan Eases Cost Burden on Families, Businesses 5/04/07 Kerry Calls for Immediate Implementation of Women's Contracting Program 5/04/07 Kerry Health Care Plan Eases Cost Burden for Small Businesses 5/03/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 5/03/07 Kerry Says Secretary Rice Syria Meeting Is Overdue 5/01/07 Iraq Supplemental Funding 5/01/07 Kerry: This Is Maliki's Last Chance