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7/21/07 Kerry Response to President's Radio Remarks on Terrorism 7/20/07 Kerry Asks FEMA to Test Toxic Trailers 7/20/07 Letter To NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell 7/20/07 Kerry: "Senate Higher Education Aid Bill Will Make College More Affordable" 7/20/07 Kerry: "Senate Higher Education Aid Bill Will Make College More Affordable" 7/20/07 Senators Kennedy And Kerry Work To Protect Nurses Against Mandatory Overtime 7/19/07 Kerry Co-Sponsors Plan to Prevent Swimming Pool Drownings 7/19/07 Kerry On Patrick's Plan To Keep Massachusetts A Global Leader In Life Sciences Industry 7/18/07 Kerry on the Department of Homeland Security's Funding Cuts for Massachusetts 7/18/07 Kerry Praises Interns Who Grew Up In Foster Care, Highlights Need For Foster Children To Have Permanent Families 7/18/07 Kerry Co-Sponsors War Contracting Commission To Investigate Massive Pentagon Waste 7/18/07 Kerry Says Terror Threat Shows Need To Set Deadline for Iraq Troop Redeployment 7/17/07 Press Conference With Senator John Kerry 7/16/07 Kerry Presses Small Business Agenda on Beacon Hill 7/16/07 Transportation & Infrastructure 7/12/07 Kerry On Iraq Report: Immoral to Wait to Change A Failed Policy 7/12/07 Letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 7/12/07 Letter To Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao 7/12/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 7/12/07 Letter To Vice President Cheney's Chief Of Staff David Addington 7/10/07 Kerry Bill Would Prevent President From Misusing Signing Statements 7/09/07 Kerry Says White House Stonewalling Is A Disservice to Democracy 7/07/07 Kerry Pushes for Fortification in Afghanistan to Fend Off Impending Taliban offensive 7/03/07 Kerry on Bush Decision to Commute Libby Sentence 7/03/07 Kerry On Bush Decision To Commute Libby Sentence 6/28/07 Kerry to Bush: Stop Stonewalling Children's Health Care 6/28/07 'These issues won't go away,' Kerry says 6/28/07 Kerry On Supreme Court Ruling On School Diversity 6/28/07 Immigration 6/27/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/27/07 Kerry, Bipartisan Senators Work To Expand Internet, Digital Access To Minority Schools And Colleges 6/26/07 Bipartisan Venture Capital, Entrepreneurial Development Bills Pass out of Committee 6/26/07 The Daily Collegian: A Message to the Next Generation of Leaders: Get Involved in Your Local Communities 6/26/07 Letter To Office Of The Vice President Chief Of Staff, David S. Addington 6/26/07 Employee Free Choice Act Of 2007--Motion To Proceed 6/26/07 Kerry: Opponents of Workers' Rights Shortchange America's Workers 6/26/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Development Markup 6/25/07 Kerry on Governor Patrick's Conservation Plan 6/25/07 Kerry Statement on DOE's Announcement To Invest $2 Million in Massachusetts Wind Turbine Testing Facilities 6/22/07 Passage Of H.R. 6 6/22/07 Kerry Says Historic Energy Bill Will Help Americans and Help the Environment 6/22/07 Kerry, Snowe Secure Small Businesses Energy Efficiency Provisions in Energy Bill 6/22/07 Kerry, Pryor to Co-Chair Senate Democratic High-Tech Task Force 6/21/07 Kerry Applauds Rumored Closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison 6/21/07 Letter To Acting Secretary Of The United States Army Pete Geren 6/21/07 Letter To Secretary Of Defense Robert M. Gates 6/21/07 Kerry Praises Historic Senate Victory on Fuel Efficiency 6/21/07 Massachusetts Businesses to Benefit from Kerry Venture Capital Bill 6/21/07 Kerry, Snowe Expand Venture Capital Opportunities for Small Business 6/21/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Venture Capital Roundtable