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3/29/06 Statement by John Kerry on Vote Against Lobbying Bill 3/29/06 Lawmakers Call for NAS Oversight of Government Reports on Climate Change 3/29/06 Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2006 3/28/06 Holds on Intelligence Authorization 3/27/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 3/24/06 Kerry Demands FEMA Award Gulf Coast Contracts to Small Businesses 3/16/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 3/16/06 Statement by John Kerry on Meeting with President on Line-Item Veto Proposal 3/16/06 John Kerry on Senate Vote to Allow Drilling in Arctic Refuge 3/16/06 Senators Call on Leavitt to Work with States on New Welfare Regulations 3/16/06 John Kerry: Investigation Shows Bureaucratic Bungling Still Hurting Our Port Security 3/16/06 Statement by John Kerry on Halliburton's Failure to Provide Purified Water to U.S Troops in Iraq 3/16/06 Congressional Budget for the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2007--Continued 3/16/06 Executive Calendar 3/15/06 Kerry Backs Democratic Small Business Health Care Bill 3/15/06 Congressional Budget for the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2007--Continued 3/10/06 Menendez, Others Press for Increased Port Security Funds 3/09/06 Feinstein Joins 14 Senate Colleagues Urge Rejection of Arctic Drilling Measure 3/09/06 Hearing of the Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship on SBA's Budget for FY 2007 3/09/06 John Kerry on Demise of Dubai Ports Deal 3/08/06 Kerry, Landrieu Report Exposes Administration Failures on Katrina Recovery Efforts 3/08/06 Bi-Partisan Group of Lawmakers Urge Continued Focus on Weisfeiler Case 3/06/06 Letter to The Honorable Stephen L. Johnson Administrator U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 3/06/06 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions 3/02/06 USA Patriot Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act of 2005--Conference Report 3/01/06 Hearing of the Senate Committee on Small Business ands Entrepreneurship on Nomination of Eric M. Thorson to be Inspector General of SBA 3/01/06 New Orleans Times Picayune - Lawmakers Bask in Fat Tuesday Limelight 3/01/06 Landrieu, Kerry to Hold Administration Accountable on Disaster Loan Program 3/01/06 John Kerry on Katrina Revelations 2/28/06 John Kerry on Commerce Committee Hearing on Dubai Ports Deal 2/28/06 Kerry: Israel Boycott Calls Dubai Ports Deal Further Into Question 2/28/06 Senate Concurrent Resolution 82--To Establish a Procedure for the Appointment of Independent Congressional Ethics Office to Investigate Ethics ..... 2/28/06 Kerry Calls on Bush Administration to Boost Gulf Coast Recovery 2/27/06 Akaka, Kerry Push Government to Honor America's Commitment to Veterans 2/23/06 New England Lawmakers Urge Regional Approach to LNG Facilities 2/22/06 Kerry Presses Secretary Snow for Full Disclosure in Dubai Ports Deal 2/21/06 Senate Democrats Call on Bush Administration to Outline a Real Energy Strategy 2/21/06 Senator John Kerry on the Passing of Eli J. Segal 2/17/06 Making Supplemental Appropriations for the Small Business Administration 2/17/06 Allen, Kerry Introduce Wireless Innovation Act 2/16/06 John Kerry: "Scientific Censorship Has No Place in the United States of America" 2/16/06 Katrina on the Ground 2/16/06 Dayton, Democrats Call for Pay Raise for Troops 2/16/06 John Kerry Leads Military Pay-Raise Effort 2/16/06 Dems Call on A.G. Gonzales to Recuse Himself from Abramoff Case 2/16/06 Letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Department of Justice - Recuse from Abramoff Case 2/16/06 Kerry Seeks to End Royalty Windfall for Oil Companies 2/14/06 John Kerry to Introduce Resolution Today to Fix "Royalty Relief Program" for Oil Companies 2/13/06 Senate National Security and Energy Leaders Call On Secretary Rice to Address Addiction to Oil in Testimony Tomorrow 2/13/06 Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act of 2005