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6/22/07 Kerry, Snowe Secure Small Businesses Energy Efficiency Provisions in Energy Bill 6/22/07 Kerry Says Historic Energy Bill Will Help Americans and Help the Environment 6/22/07 Kerry, Pryor to Co-Chair Senate Democratic High-Tech Task Force 6/21/07 Kerry, Snowe Expand Venture Capital Opportunities for Small Business 6/21/07 Kerry Applauds Rumored Closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison 6/21/07 Massachusetts Businesses to Benefit from Kerry Venture Capital Bill 6/21/07 Letter To Acting Secretary Of The United States Army Pete Geren 6/21/07 Kerry Praises Historic Senate Victory on Fuel Efficiency 6/21/07 Letter To Secretary Of Defense Robert M. Gates 6/21/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Venture Capital Roundtable 6/20/07 Bipartisan Entrepreneurial Development Bill Promotes Minority, Women Business Ownership, Assistance 6/20/07 Letter To United States Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff 6/20/07 Kerry Promotes Plug-In Car Technology 6/20/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/20/07 Creating Long-Term Energy Alternatives For The Nation Act Of 2007--Continued 6/20/07 Kerry Says Bush Stem Cell Veto Hurts Science 6/20/07 Kerry, Snowe Bill Helps Small Businesses Increase Energy Efficiency 6/19/07 Kerry: Support America's Workers by Ensuring Right to Organize 6/19/07 Passport Delays Are Unacceptable, Kerry Tells Secretary Rice 6/19/07 Kerry, Kennedy Take Another Step To Block LNG Terminal In Fall River 6/19/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/19/07 Kerry's Tax Credits for Plug-In Cars, Building Efficiency Added to Energy Bill 6/18/07 Kerry Says He'll Filibuster Any Republican Effort to Open Alaska to Oil Drilling 6/18/07 Letter to The Honorable Tom Harkin, Chairman, Committee on Agriculture and The Honorable Saxby Chambliss, Ranking Republican Member 6/15/07 Kerry Says Pentagon Report on Mental Illness Among Troops is a Wakeup Call 6/15/07 Kerry Praises Measure Helping Iraqi & Afghani Translators Who Assisted US Military Forces 6/14/07 Kerry Hears Testimony from Massachusetts Entrepreneur on Impact of Rising Gas Prices on Small Businesses 6/14/07 Kerry Tells White House: Attacks Are No Substitute for Accountability 6/14/07 Kerry On Defeat Of Same-Sex Marriage Ban In Massachusetts 6/14/07 Kerry Calls for New Approach to Fighting Terrorism 6/14/07 Kerry Opening Statement on Rising Gas Prices Hearing 6/14/07 Kerry Seeks Solutions to Reduce Impact of Rising Gas Prices on Small Businesses 6/14/07 MSNBC Hardball-Transcript 6/14/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/13/07 Op Ed, The Hill: Broadband Should Be In Every Home 6/13/07 Letter To United States Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates 6/12/07 Statements On Introduced Bills And Joint Resolutions 6/12/07 Kerry, Kennedy Ask Defense Department to Restore Small Business Innovation Research Funding 6/12/07 Kerry-Smith Tax Credits Keep Promise to America's Military 6/12/07 Kerry: American Colleges Helping Lead the Way on Climate Change 6/12/07 Letter To United States Secretary Of Defense Robert Gates 6/12/07 Kerry Asks FCC to Level Playing Field in Fight for Prime Broadband Real Estate 6/11/07 Kerry Says Alberto Gonzales Has Lost the Confidence of the American Public 6/07/07 Letter To President George W. Bush 6/07/07 Kerry on House Passage of Stem Cell Legislation 6/07/07 Kerry, Snowe Call on SEC to Give Small Firms More Time, Assistance to Comply with Sarbanes Oxley 6/07/07 Kerry Criticizes Bush Failure to Embrace Emissions Limits at G8 Meeting 6/06/07 Kerry Challenges Congress, Bush on Energy Solutions At Home and Abroad 6/06/07 Tribute To Former Congressman Parren J. Mitchell 6/05/07 Statement by Senator John Kerry on the Passing of Senator Craig Thomas