Secretary John Forbes Kerry's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Secretary of State, Democratic
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Issue Position: National Security Issue Position: Protecting the Environment Issue Position: Science and Technology Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: Children and Families Issue Position: Seniors Issue Position: Energy Independence Issue Position: The War in Iraq Issue Position: Veterans Issue Position: Electoral Reform Issue Position: National Service Issue Position: Rural America Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Immigration Issue Position: Fighting Terrorism Issue Position: Homeland Security Issue Position: A Stronger Economy Issue Position: Civil Rights Issue Position: Troops and Military Families 11/24/14 Solo Press Availability in Vienna, Austria 11/23/14 Tunisia's Presidential Election 11/22/14 Remarks With Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier Before Their Meeting 11/20/14 Remarks at a Solo Press Availability 11/20/14 Transgender Day of Remembrance 11/20/14 Remarks With French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius After Their Meeting 11/18/14 Statement on the Occasion of Monaco's National Day 11/18/14 Remarks With U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Before Their Bilateral Meeting 11/17/14 Remarks at 3rd Annual Transformational Trends Policy Forum 11/16/14 Statement by Secretary Kerry on the Murder of Abdul-Rahman Kassig 11/14/14 International Education Week 11/13/14 Remarks With Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh After Their Meeting 11/13/14 On the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution 11/12/14 Remarks at a U.S. Visa Event 11/11/14 Cambodia's Independence Day 11/11/14 New York Times - China, America and Our Warming Planet 11/10/14 International Education Week 11/10/14 Angola National Day 11/09/14 Remarks With Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi 11/08/14 Remarks at AmCham APEC CEO Reception 11/08/14 Remarks at the National Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Luncheon 11/08/14 Press Availability in Beijing, China 11/08/14 Remarks at National Center for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Women's Event 11/07/14 Nomination of Tony Blinken as Deputy Secretary of State 11/05/14 Anniversary of the Birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji 11/05/14 Remarks With French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius After Their Meeting 11/05/14 Remarks With Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh Before Their Meeting 11/05/14 Press Availability in Paris, France 11/04/14 Remarks on U.S.-China Relations 11/03/14 Marine Corps Birthday Message 11/02/14 Release of the Synthesis Report of the Fifth Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change