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7/07/16 Remarks with Kyiv Embassy Staff 6/21/16 Remarks at GLIFAA Pride 6/03/16 Remarks at Roundtable With Traveling Press 5/18/16 Meeting With U.S. Embassy Vienna Staff 5/12/16 Remarks at Anti-Corruption Summit Plenary 5/06/16 Remarks at Northeastern University Commencement Ceremony 4/14/16 Remarks with Miami Passport Agency Staff 12/09/15 International Anticorruption Day 3/06/15 Departure of State Department Chief of Staff David Wade 10/31/13 Remarks to Open Government Partnership Annual Summit 8/28/13 Ambassador Donald Booth Named U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan 7/26/11 Kerry: House Republicans Holding Massachusetts Hiring Hostage 7/26/11 Economic Stewardship 4/08/11 Government Shutdown 3/17/11 Making Further Continuing Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2011 1/28/11 Chairman Kerry On The Situation In Egypt 12/21/10 Kerry on Census Impact on Massachusetts 5/24/10 Kerry Applauds White House Line-Item Veto Proposal 5/24/10 Kerry Applauds White House Line-Item Veto Proposal 9/28/09 Chairman Kerry Applauds Nomination of Robert King, Special Envoy For North Korean Human Rights 9/24/09 Kerry On Appointment of Paul Kirk to Fill Kennedy Seat 9/09/09 Kerry Testifies at State House for Full Representation for Massachusetts in United States Senate 1/13/09 Kerry Statement on Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing 10/20/08 Kerry Response to Bernanke Testimony on the Economic Outlook 6/18/08 MSNBC Interview - Transcript 6/06/08 Letter to Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State, and Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense, Re: Lack of Consultation with Congress on Long-Term Agreements with Iraq 5/07/08 Submitted Resolutions 1/11/08 Kerry Urges Bush Administration to Protect SBA Whistleblowers 7/27/07 Kerry Urges Bush Administration To Break Logjam On FOIA Requests 3/28/07 Kerry on White House Withdrawal of Sam Fox Nomination 1/18/07 Kerry Opening Statement at Organizational Meeting for the 110th Congress 1/12/07 Legislative Transparency And Accountability Act of 2007 4/07/06 MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews - Transcript 3/01/06 Hearing of the Senate Committee on Small Business ands Entrepreneurship on Nomination of Eric M. Thorson to be Inspector General of SBA 2/16/06 Dems Call on A.G. Gonzales to Recuse Himself from Abramoff Case 12/14/05 Additional Statements 6/03/04 Kerry Statement on the Resignation of George Tenet 2/26/04 Statement from John Kerry Calling for Senator Bob Graham to be Named Special Envoy to Haiti 2/25/04 NBC Today Transcript 2/24/04 Statement from John Kerry Regarding President Bush's Speech 1/06/04 MSNBC Hardball Transcript 12/18/03 CNBC Kudlow & Cramer Transcript 11/05/03 Statement from John Kerry on Howard Dean's Remarks 9/29/03 Kerry Calls for Special Counsel in Wilson Investigation

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