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John Kerry's Public Statements on Issue: Defense

Office: U.S. Secretary of State, Democratic
Date Title
May 5, 2004 Press Conference with Senator John Kerry
April 30, 2004 Statement by Senator Kerry on the Photos of Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
April 30, 2004 Remarks by Senator John Kerry
April 24, 2004 John Kerry Statement on the Loss of Pat Tillman
April 18, 2004 Statement from John Kerry on Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero's Iraq Decision
April 17, 2004 Democratic Radio Address to the Nation
April 15, 2004 Kerry Statement in Response to Rumsfeld's Comment in News Conference
April 13, 2004 Washington Post Editorial - A Strategy for Iraq
April 13, 2004 Kerry: The President Needs to Address How He's Going to Fix the Instability in Iraq
April 13, 2004 Kerry Statement on President's News Conference
April 7, 2004 The News on CNBC Transcript
March 31, 2004 Statement from Kerry on the Deaths of U.S. Soldiers and Civilians Today in Iraq
March 19, 2004 Statement from John Kerry on One Year Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq
March 17, 2004 Kerry Statement on Bombing in Iraq
March 17, 2004 "Protecting Our Military Families in Times of War"
March 14, 2004 Statement from John Kerry on American Soldiers Killed In Iraq over the Weekend
March 7, 2004 Time Magazine Interview: John Kerry
March 6, 2004 Weekly Democratic Radio Response
March 2, 2004 CNN American Morning Transcript
Feb. 29, 2004 Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate in New York - Part 2
Feb. 29, 2004 News Forum Transcript
Feb. 26, 2004 CNN/Los Angeles Times Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate - Part 1
Feb. 11, 2004 MSNBC Hardball Transcript
Feb. 8, 2004 Statement from John Kerry Regarding Bush's Comments on "Meet the Press"
Feb. 6, 2004 Senate Foreign Relations Committee Holds Hearing on U.S. Foreign Policy
Feb. 3, 2004 Statement from John Kerry on Supply Shortages in Iraq
Jan. 27, 2004 MSNBC Hardball Transcript
Jan. 22, 2004 The Union Leader and ABC News Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate - Part 2
Jan. 22, 2004 Letter to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
Jan. 20, 2004 NBC Today Transcript
Jan. 11, 2004 NBC Meet the Press Transcript
Jan. 10, 2004 John Kerry Responds to Secretary O'Neill's Iraq Charges
Jan. 6, 2004 MSNBC Hardball Transcript
Dec. 20, 2003 Statement of John Kerry on Libya's Dismantling Weapons of Mass Destruction
Dec. 19, 2003 Statement from John Kerry: "Job number one of the President of the United States is to make America safe..."
Dec. 18, 2003 CNBC Kudlow & Cramer Transcript
Dec. 17, 2003 Securing Our Ports and Preventing Terrorists from Obtaining WMD's
Dec. 16, 2003 "Foreign Policy in a Post-Saddam World: Rebuilding Our Alliances and Iraq"
Dec. 15, 2003 CNN American Morning Transcript
Dec. 15, 2003 Fox News Network The O'Reilly Factor Transcript
Dec. 14, 2003 Fox News Network Fox News Sunday Transcript
Dec. 14, 2003 Statement from John Kerry on the Capture of Saddam Hussein
Dec. 11, 2003 CNBC Capital Report Transcript
Dec. 9, 2003 Democratic Presidential Debate in Durham, N.H. - Part 2
Dec. 9, 2003 Statements on Introduced Bills and Joint Resolutions S. 1991
Dec. 5, 2003 John Kerry Responds to President Bush's Appointment of James Baker in Iraq
Nov. 27, 2003 Statement from John Kerry: "The President's trip to Baghdad..."
Oct. 28, 2003 Response of John Kerry to Bush Blaming American Troops on U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln for his Stunt
Oct. 27, 2003 CNN Newsnight Aaron Brown Transcript
Oct. 21, 2003 Letter to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfield
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