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Issue Position: Energy: Finding and Using All Forms of Energy Issue Position: The Environment: Protecting Our Earth Issue Position: Immigration: Protecting Our Borders, No Amnesty and Strong Enforcement Issue Position: Global Climate Change: Understanding and Addressing the Problem Issue Position: Alaska's Infrastructure: Building the Basics Issue Position: Fishing: Alaskan Control of Our Resources Issue Position: Coast Guard Issue Position: Supporting the Family: Protecting Our Children Issue Position: Earmarks: Making Sure Alaska's Needs Are Met Issue Position: Fisheries Issue Position: ANWR: Producing Alaska's Own Oil Issue Position: Jobs/Economy: Putting Alaskans to Work Issue Position: The Alaska Gas-Line: For Alaska's Future Issue Position: Federal Spending: Keeping Taxes Low Issue Position: Veterans: Taking Care of the Next Greatest Generation Issue Position: Federal Judges: Following Our Laws as Written Issue Position: National Defense: Protecting Our Nation Issue Position: Health Coverage: Improving Access to Medical Care Issue Position: Access to Federal Lands: Making Traditional Use of Public Lands Issue Position: Medicare Healthcare/Medicare: Allowing Patients to See the Doctor They Choose Issue Position: Walter Reed Issue Position: Endangered Species: Making the Law Make Sense Issue Position: Energy Prices: Working to Reduce Higher Prices Issue Position: The Second Amendment: Protecting Our Rights Issue Position: Denali KidsCare/ Childrens Health Insurance: Caring for Our Kids Issue Position: Climate Change Issue Position: Mining: Balancing Jobs and Protection of Our Environment 10/19/10 Ted Stevens Mountain, Ice Field Signed Into Law 11/20/08 Farewell To The Senate 11/20/08 Farewell to the Senate 11/10/08 Senator Stevens Honors America's Veterans 11/03/08 Stevens Asks for Alaskans' Vote in Special 2-Minute Ad 10/30/08 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Stevens Tells Fairbanksans he Needs their Trust and Support 10/30/08 Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage Rally Welcomes Stevens 10/30/08 New York Times - Ted Stevens Receives a Hero's Welcome in Alaska 10/28/08 Daily News-Miner - Begich, Berkowitz Campaigns Reiterate Message; Lily Stevens Stumps for Her Father, Ted 10/27/08 Statement of Senator Ted Stevens 10/24/08 Senator Stevens Outlines Health Care Priorities 10/17/08 Senator Stevens Statement on Beluga Listing 10/16/08 Senator Stevens Encourages Young Alaskans to Apply for Leadership Conference 10/15/08 Stevens Campaign Reports over $1.2 Million Cash on Hand 10/09/08 The Tundra Drums - Legislation Changing Wages to Locality Pay Passes 10/02/08 Stevens Applauds Gov. Palin for Being Strong Alaska Advocate 10/01/08 Congress Passes Senator Stevens' Legislation Protecting Children from Online Predators 10/01/08 Congress Approves Internet Safety Legislation 9/30/08 Senator Stevens Delivers for Coast Guard in Alaska 9/26/08 Senate Approves Bipartisan Bill Combating Drug Trafficking Championed by Senator Stevens 9/26/08 Senate Passes Senator Stevens' Bill to Improve Ocean Mapping in Alaska Waters 9/26/08 Alaska Senators Sponsor Bipartisan Bill to Protect West Coast Salmon Runs 9/25/08 Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Mitch McConnell, Representative John Boehner, Re: Special Inspector General to Oversee Proposed Economic Bailout of Wall Street