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2/06/04 Presidential Priorities 10/08/03 An Enlightened Approach to Education 10/08/03 An Enlightened American Health Care System 8/10/03 Iraqi Oil 8/05/03 The Energy Bill: More Addiction to Fossil & Nuclear Fuels 7/31/03 Ethanol 7/28/03 Ending Air Pollution 7/28/03 The Answer is Blowing in the Wind 7/24/03 Eliminating Computer Voting Systems 7/18/03 The Limits of Power 7/18/03 Blair Doesn't Understand Why They Hate Us 7/15/03 It's Time For Democracy in America 7/15/03 Bush's Attempted "Cover-Up" of Radioactive Wastes 7/14/03 The Bad News About Natural Gas 7/12/03 Designer Genes: From Here to Eternity 7/10/03 Political Money 7/08/03 Letter to Publisher of the New York Times Arthur Sulzberger 7/02/03 Energy Plan Options 7/01/03 Radioactive Wastes 6/26/03 Nuclear Time-Bombs 6/18/03 Saving Ocean Ecosystems While Making America Energy Independent 6/15/03 Cal Tech's Observations 6/14/03 The Bush Hydrogen Initiative: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 3/22/03 Calculating Hydrogen Production Costs 3/15/03 Saddam's Our Man 3/01/03 A Hydrogen-Fueled SUV Will Set You Free 2/27/03 Why Hydrogen 2/16/03 War Perspectives 2/05/03 Make Hydrogen, Not War 11/18/02 The Phoenix Project: A Plan for Sustainable Economic Prosperity Without Pollution by Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen 9/30/02 Exponential Icebergs 1/01/ Losing the War in Afghanistan 1/01/ Getting Burned: Cryobiology or Cremation 1/01/ The Revealing Science of God 1/01/ 2020 Vision 1/01/ Bushwhacked 1/01/ The Dark Side of Free Enterprise 1/01/ The Phoenix Project 1/01/ The Blackout of 2003 1/01/ An Overview of the Fair Accounting Act 1/01/ Sunshine & Health 1/01/ A Devastating Non-Toxic Mosquito Killer: Soapy Water 1/01/ Why They Hate Us