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6/06/14 Congressman Cantor: Crossing Your Fingers Is Not An Economic Plan 5/29/14 Congressman Cantor: Mr. President, Join Us In Helping America Work Again 5/22/14 Congressman Cantor Highlights Conservative Solutions For The Middle Class At AEI 5/07/14 CNN - Leading Globally: Why America Cannot Keep The Peace Alone 5/02/14 Congressman Cantor: It's Time For An America That Works 4/10/14 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2015 3/25/14 Congressman Cantor Discusses An America That Works And Conservative Solutions For Health Care With Larry Kudlow 2/04/14 Congressman Cantor: CBO Report Confirms What Republicans Have Been Saying For Years 1/28/14 Leader Cantor Responds to the President's State of the Union Address 1/28/14 Leader Cantor: House Republicans Want an America that Works for Everybody 8/02/13 Congressman Cantor: Today's Jobs Report Looks Good On The Surface, Details Show Otherwise 7/05/13 Congressman Cantor: We Need Permanent Delay Of ObamaCare To Realize Full Job Creating Potential 6/17/13 Leader Cantor Discusses Restoring Faith in Government & Kids First on NCC's "New Day" 5/17/13 SEC Regulatory Accountability Act 11/26/12 Congressman Cantor Discusses Israel and Pro-Growth Solutions To Fix the Economy On MSNBC and FOX News 9/27/12 Leader Cantor Statement on Latest GDP Report 9/12/12 Congressman Cantor on the President's Refusal to Work with Congress to Avert the Sequester 6/01/12 Unemployment Rate Increase Emphasizes Importance of Discussion at Rep. Tim Scott's Revitalizing America Conference 5/04/12 Congressman Cantor Statement On The April Jobs Report 4/25/12 Congressman Cantor: Slow Small Business Hiring Underscores The Importance Of Our Focus On Jobs And The Economy 3/07/12 Congressman Cantor Discusses Bipartisan Support for the JOBS Act & Iran On FOX, CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg 2/15/12 Leader Cantor: Let's Set Aside Differences And Focus On Small Businesses 1/25/12 Leader Cantor Responds To President Obama's State Of The Union Address 1/06/12 Leader Cantor Statement On The December Jobs Report 12/08/11 Congressman Cantor: If The President Is Committed To Growth & Jobs, He'll Sign This Bill 12/02/11 Congressman Cantor Statement On November Jobs Report 11/30/11 Leader Cantor: The House Continues To Work To Grow Jobs In This Country 10/07/11 Congressman Cantor Statement On September Jobs Report 10/06/11 Legislative Program 10/04/11 Leader Cantor: We Need To Work Together To Create An Environment For Growth and Job Creation 9/21/11 Leader Cantor: While The President Campaigns, House GOP Is Focused On Pro-Growth Policies 9/09/11 Leader Cantor Responds To President Obama's Speech and Discusses GOP Jobs Policies On CBS, FOX, CNN & CNBC 9/09/11 Leader Cantor Responds To President Obama's Jobs Speech on CBS, CNBC & Bloomberg 9/09/11 Leader Cantor Remarks at Titan America in Richmond, VA 9/08/11 Congressman Cantor: We Are Not Going To Let Differences Get In The Way Of Common Sense Solutions 6/14/11 Congressman Cantor: Economic Growth Is Not A Government Program 6/03/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on May Unemployment Report 4/01/11 Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011 4/01/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on March National Jobs Report 2/04/11 Congressman Cantor on the January National Unemployment Report 1/07/11 Congressman Cantor on the December National Unemployment Report 12/03/10 Congressman Cantor on the November National Unemployment Report 11/17/10 Congressman Eric Cantor Elected Majority Leader for the 112th Congress 11/03/10 Cantor Discusses House Republican Win 10/26/10 Congressman Cantor on Capital One's Commitment to Job Growth in Virginia 9/06/10 Cantor: Latest Obama Stimulus Effort a Page From The Same Failed Playbook 9/03/10 Cantor on the National Unemployment Report for August 7/02/10 Cantor Statement on National Jobs Report 6/18/10 Congressman Cantor Named Free Enterprise Legislator of the Year 5/21/10 Cantor Statement on Virginia Unemployment Report