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5/06/14 Congressman Cantor Discusses IRS Scandal, America That Leads On Greta 6/04/13 Congressman Cantor Addresses Economy, IRS & Transparency 6/04/13 Congressman Cantor Announces Launch of Cosponsor.Gov 2/15/13 Congressman Cantor Applauds House Passage of Federal Pay Freeze 2/15/13 Rep. DeSantis' Federal Pay Freeze Bill Passes House 1/23/13 Congressman Cantor Applauds House Passage Of No Budget, No Pay 1/22/13 Leader Cantor: The House Will Insist on No Budget, No Pay 1/16/13 Leader Cantor Announces Pay Freeze Legislation 9/14/12 Legislative Program 5/22/12 Republicans Launch Women's Policy Committee in House; New Caucus Gives Voice to Key Group on Important Issues 3/22/12 Legislative Program 2/09/12 Leader Cantor: 417 House Members Supported The STOCK Act, The Senate Needs To Act On Our Bill 2/09/12 Legislative Program 2/02/12 Congressman Cantor Statement On Senate Passage Of STOCK Act 2/02/12 Congressman Cantor Statement On Passage Of Federal Pay Freeze 1/17/12 Cantor, Hoyer Release Congressional Hackathon Report Building On Bipartisan Digital Innovation Effort 12/08/11 Legislative Program 12/07/11 Congressman Cantor: We Are Committed To Producing Results For The People That Sent Us Here 4/08/11 Legistlative Reform 1/06/11 Reading of the Constitution 11/29/10 Cantor Lauds Selection of Peter Roskam for Chief Deputy Whip 11/03/10 Cantor Endorses Jeb Hensarling for Chairman of the Republican Conference 3/10/10 Joint Statement By House Republican Leaders On GOP Proposal To Unilaterally Ban Earmarks 1/29/10 Cantor Challenges Speaker Pelosi, Leader Hoyer To Follow President's Lead And Meet With GOP 12/22/09 Cantor Statement On Rep. Parker Griffith 6/25/09 MSNBC Interview With House Minority Whip Eric Cantor - Transcript 5/14/09 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States 1/22/09 CBS "Early Show" - Transcript 11/07/08 Pendulum of History Has Swung 1/04/07 Rules Of The House 4/24/04 Cantor Statement on "Taliban wing of the Republican Party" Remarks made at the South Dakota Democrat Rally for Herseth