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11/20/13 Protecting States' Rights to Promote American Energy Security Act 9/26/13 Leader Cantor Applauds Senate Passage Of Helium Stewardship Act 9/18/13 Leader Cantor Applauds Passage Of National Strategic And Critical Minerals Production Act 10/14/11 Congressman Cantor Statement On Passage Of Regulatory Relief Legislation 8/29/11 House Majority Leader Announces McKinley's Jobs Bill on Coal Ash To Get House Vote This Fall 6/22/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act 6/14/11 Congressman Cantor Statement On The Introduction Of Pro-Growth Energy Bills 5/12/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on H.R. 1231, "Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act" 5/03/11 Congressman Cantor Remarks on Bin Laden, Debt Limit and Gas Prices 4/07/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on Energy Tax Prevention Act 4/06/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on Energy Tax Prevention Act 4/06/11 Richmond Times-Dispatch - Energy Solutions are All Around Us 4/06/11 Richmond Times-Dispatch - Energy Solutions Are All Around Us 3/29/11 Congressman Cantor Statement on Republican Efforts to Address Skyrocketing Gas Prices 12/01/10 Congressman Cantor Disappointed by Obama Administration's Decision to Prevent Energy Development Off Virginia's Coast 10/13/10 Op-Ed: Towards An Energy-independent Future 5/27/10 Cantor Calls for Real Leadership in Gulf Coast Crisis 3/31/10 Cantor: Virginia Ready To Begin Offshore Energy Exploration 2/04/10 Letter To The Honorable Bob McDonnell, Governor, Commonwealth Of Virginia 9/25/09 Statement On Second Iranian Uranium Enrichment Plant 6/26/09 Cantor On National Energy Tax 6/10/09 Cantor On The American Energy Act 5/05/09 Prepared Remarks Of House Republican Leaders At A Press Conference 4/22/09 Prepared Remarks of House Republican Leaders at a Press Conference 9/17/08 "No Energy" Energy Bill Passed by House Democrats 7/14/08 Cantor Applauds President Bush Decision to Lift Executive Order Banning Deep Water Energy Exploration 2/27/08 Democrat Tax Hikes Don't Help American Families 8/04/07 Renewable Energy and Energy Conservaion Tax Act of 2007 5/25/06 American-Made Energy and Good Jobs Act 4/25/06 Cantor Statement on the Price at the Pump 4/21/05 Energy Bill Passes the House 4/21/05 Energy Policy Act of 2005

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