Representative Jim Cooper's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (TN) - District 5, Democratic
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2/13/07 Iraq War Resolution 2/11/07 Happy Talk In Bush's Budget 2/09/07 Gordon Encourages Residents To Study Wolf Creek Flood Maps 2/08/07 Gordon's Alternative Fuels Bill Clears House 2/08/07 Advanced Fuels Infrastructure Research And Development Act 2/07/07 Recognizing The African American Spiritual As A National Treasure 2/07/07 House Approves Gordon's Meth Bill 2/07/07 Gordon Introduces Bill To Improve ER Access And Care 2/06/07 Blue Dog Coalition 1/30/07 What Is Good For America 1/24/07 College Student Relief Act Of 2007 1/24/07 Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department Receives Federal Grant 12/07/06 Iraq Study Group Report 10/01/06 E-Newsletter 9/29/06 Saluting The Nation's Top Black College Radio Station: Fisk University's WFSK-FM 9/29/06 Recognizing Vanderbilt University School Of Nursing And Godchaux Hall 9/29/06 In Recognition Of Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Center 9/28/06 Failures Of The Congress Under Republican Leadership 9/27/06 Letter to Majority Leader Frist, Speaker Hastert, Minority Leader Reid and Minority Leader Pelosi 9/19/06 Get Real About Budgeting Before It's Too Late 9/06/06 Commemorating Mt.Juliet's Heroes This Patriot Day 8/01/06 E-Newsletter 7/25/06 Blue Dog Coalition 7/20/06 Cooper Says Time for Honesty in Federal Budget Process 7/19/06 Embryonic Stem Cell Research 7/19/06 Cooper Critical of Bush Stem Cell Veto 7/18/06 Blue Dog Coalition 7/06/06 Which Way Will Paulson Lean on this Core Issue 6/22/06 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4890, Legislative Line Item Veto Act of 2006 6/21/06 Cooper Praises Agreement but Says Delay in Repealing Wright Amendment Wrong for Middle Tennessee 6/15/06 Message from the Senate 6/14/06 The Iraqi War Debate 6/14/06 Letter to Chairman Hunter 6/13/06 Crossroads in Iraq 5/17/06 Providing For Further Consideration of H. CON. RES. 376, Concurrent Resolution on the Budget For Fiscal Year 2007 5/05/06 Cooper Works to Recognize the African American Spiritual as a National Treasure 5/02/06 The "Do Less than Nothing Congress" 5/02/06 Blue Dog Coalition 5/01/06 The Financial Times Editorial - A Truer Measure of America's Ballooning Deficit 4/27/06 Letter to Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Hon. Duncan Hunter 4/25/06 Debt and the Deficit 4/15/06 E-Newsletter 4/06/06 Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2007 3/31/06 Cooper Amendment to Give Taxpayers Fairer and Clearer Picture of Budget Deficit 3/31/06 Cooper Pushes for Earmark Reform in Budget Committee Mark-Up 3/27/06 Cooper Joins Students and Area Musicians to Recognize Importance of Music in Our Schools 3/08/06 Providing for Further Consideration of H.R. 4167, National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005 3/08/06 Congressman Cooper Visits Katrina-Ravaged Areas 3/07/06 Blue Dog Coalition 3/02/06 New Report Shows Budget Deficit More than Twice Amount Stated in President's Budget