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Steve Rothman's Public Statements

Date Title
April 27, 2006 Letter to Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert
April 25, 2006 General Aviation Security
April 24, 2006 Rothman Opposes President Bush's Cuts to Community Development Block Grants
April 11, 2006 Letter to President of the United States George W. Bush
April 10, 2006 Rothman Co-Sponsors, Votes for the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act
April 6, 2006 Announcement by the Acting Chairman
April 6, 2006 Motion to Instruct Conferees on H.R. 4297, Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation Act of 2005
April 6, 2006 Congressman Steve Rothman's Statement on the FAA Airspace Redesign Project
April 5, 2006 30-Something Working Group
April 4, 2006 Rothman Presses Secretary of State to Commit to "No" Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq; Her Answers Reveal Unclear Administration Policy in Iraq
March 30, 2006 Rothman Blasts IRS for Wasting Millions of Taxpayer Dollars
March 29, 2006 In Tribute to Greek Independence Day
March 27, 2006 Rothman Applauds the Millennium Challenge Corporation for Allowing the Release of Vital Foreign Aid to Armenia
March 27, 2006 Menendez, Rothman Introduce Bill to Help Law Enforcement Prosecute Gun Crimes
March 23, 2006 Democracy in Action at Rothman's March 2006 Listening Sessions
March 17, 2006 Congressman Rothman Honors St. Patrick's Day with Action
March 16, 2006 Congressman Rothman's Statement on His Vote Against the Emergency Supplemental Spending Bill
March 13, 2006 Rothman Votes to Normalize U.S. Trade Relations with Ukraine
March 10, 2006 Rothman Secures Over $2.5 Million for Passaic Riverfront Park and Downtown Newark Revitalization
March 9, 2006 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Honors Rothman for His Contribution to Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
March 9, 2006 Rothman's Committee Forces Dubai Ports World to Abandon Plan to Take Over Six U.S. Ports
March 3, 2006 Congressman Steve Rothman's Statement on Today's Accident at Teterboro Airport
March 2, 2006 Hastings Leads Democratic Charges that Dubai Deal Reinforces Arab Boycott Against Israel
March 2, 2006 Democrats Raise Concern About UAE Boycott of Israel, Relationship with Hamas
March 2, 2006 Statement on the President's Proposal to Allow the United Arab Emirates to Take Over a 30-Year Port Security Contract
March 2, 2006 Recognition of 2006 Winter Olympic Athletes
March 2, 2006 Honoring the 45th Anniversary of the Peace Corps
Feb. 23, 2006 Why We Must Take All Our Troops Out of Iraq
Feb. 13, 2006 Statement on the President's Proposed National Budget
Feb. 7, 2006 Rothman Insists Secretary of State Explain Anti-Gay UN Vote
Feb. 6, 2006 Rothman Secures $250,000 for Security Enhancements to Bergen County Courthouse
Feb. 3, 2006 Rep. Tierney Spearheads Effort For C.O.P.S. Funding in FY 2007 Budget
Feb. 2, 2006 Rothman Attends National Prayer Breakfast
Jan. 31, 2006 Statement on President Bush's State of the Union Address
Jan. 30, 2006 NEW DATA: Bush Administration Turned Away Nearly 5,000 New Jersey Veterans Seeking VA Care in 2005
Jan. 24, 2006 Rothman Calls on President Bush to Prevent Increases in Veterans' Health Care Premiums
Jan. 23, 2006 Rothman 'Outraged' ATF Satellite Office Was Never Established; Demands Explanation from the Director
Jan. 17, 2006 56 Members of Congress Urge EPA to Withdraw Weak Toxic release Inventory Proposal
Jan. 16, 2006 Rothman Celebrates Dr. King's Birthday at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Englewood, NJ
Jan. 12, 2006 Congressman Steve Rothman On the War in Iraq
Jan. 12, 2006 Statement on Security Breach at Teterboro Airport
Jan. 11, 2006 Department of Justice and Department of Defense Respond to Congressional Request for Investigation of Alleged NSA Espionage
Jan. 5, 2006 Statement on Mine Safety in the Wake of Tradegy in Upshur County, WV
Dec. 23, 2005 Congress Renews Rothman's 'Secure Our Schools' Program
Dec. 19, 2005 Berman Co-authors Bipartisan Letter Urging President Bush to Increase Funding for International Affairs Programs
Dec. 6, 2005 House Passes Rothman's Resolution to Stop UN Bias Against Israel
Dec. 6, 2005 Urging Member States of the United Nations to Stop Supporting Resolutions that Unfairly Castigate Israel
Nov. 18, 2005 Rothman Votes to Protect Private Property Rights
Nov. 17, 2005 The Importance of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Oversight Obligation
Nov. 11, 2005 Rothman Statement Honoring Veterans Day
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