Representative William 'Bill' J. Pascrell, Jr.'s Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NJ) - District 9, Democratic
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6/25/08 Rep Pascrell Praises House Passage of AMT Relief Measure 6/25/08 Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008 6/24/08 Pascrell Praises House Measure to Roll Back Medicare Privatization Efforts 6/24/08 Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act 6/24/08 Pascrell Responds to Alarming CDC Study on TBI Fatalities Among Elderly Americans 6/23/08 Pascrell Hails Landmark Effort to Restore Lower Passaic River 6/20/08 Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 6/20/08 Pascrell Opposes FISA Amendments Act 6/19/08 Pascrell Opposes ‘No Strings' War Funding, Votes to Restore Gi Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan Vets 6/18/08 Pascrell Statement on Rise in New Jersey Unemployment Rate 6/16/08 Fox News "Your World" - Transcript 6/11/08 Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 6/11/08 Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 5/22/08 Pascrell Highlights Gaping Cyber Security Vulnerability in America's Electric Grid 5/22/08 Pascrell Responds to New Jersey Policy Perspective Report on SCHIP Directive 5/21/08 Pascrell Supports Passage of "Green" Tax Package to Inspire an Energy Independent Future 5/21/08 Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008 5/20/08 Pascrell Votes to Hold Opec Monopoly Accountable for Oil Price Fixing 5/16/08 Pascrell Applauds Risk Based Approach for Funding New Jersey's Ports and Rails 5/13/08 Addressing the Housing Market Crisis 5/13/08 Pascrell Votes for an Immediate Reduction in Gas Prices 5/08/08 Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 4/28/08 President Bush Signs Pascrell's Brain Injury Act Into Law 4/24/08 Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2008 4/10/08 Pascrell: Bush Picked Wrong Time, Wrong Place to Force Colombia Trade Deal 4/09/08 Pascrell and Clara Maass Medical Center Join to Provide Free Health Services for Hundreds of North Jersey Residents 4/09/08 Pascrell Applauds Committee Approval of Fiscally Responsible Housing Tax Assistance Act 4/08/08 House of Reps Votes to Reauthorize Pascrell's Traumatic Brain Injury Act 4/08/08 Traumatic Brain Injury Act of 2008 4/03/08 United States Fire Administration Reauthorization Act of 2008 4/03/08 Pascrell Measure to Train Firefighters for Terrorist-Caused Catastrophes Approved in U.S. Fire Administration Reauthorization 4/02/08 Introduction of a Resolution to Include Albania, Croatia and Macedonia into NATO Membership 4/02/08 Reps. Pascrell and Fossella Unveil Bipartisan Homebuyer Tax Credit Bill 3/28/08 Pascrell to Bush: ‘Lip Service Doesn't Pay Mortgages Here in New Jersey' 3/13/08 Pascrell's Traumatic Brain Injury Act Approved in House Energy & Commerce Committee 3/11/08 Introduction of the Medicare Oral Health Rehabilitative Enhancement Act of 2008 3/06/08 Pentagon to Keep 140,000 Troops in Iraq--Status Quo Continues Despite no Political Progress 3/05/08 Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act of 2007 2/27/08 Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 2/26/08 Reps Pascrell and Sires Applaud DHS Decision to Select Stevens Institute as Port Security Center for Excellence 2/26/08 Public Housing Asset Management Improvement Act of 2007 2/19/08 Pascrell Statement on Resignation of Fidel Castro 2/17/08 Herald News: Economic Boost Aimed at Those With Most Need 2/14/08 Pascrell Introduces Legislation to Protect America's Teaching Hospitals 2/07/08 College Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2007 2/07/08 Pascrell Applauds Passage of Economic Stimulus Plan 2/07/08 Pascrell ‘Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act' Passes House of Representatives 2/02/08 Herald News: Economic Boost Aimed at Those With Most Need 1/30/08 Rep. Pascrell Responds to AG Mukasey Testimony on Deferred Prosecution Agreements 1/28/08 Pascrell Statement on Prepared State of the Union Address