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Common Sense Maine Values; Uncommon Courage Iraq: Five Years After 'Mission Accomplished' Issue Position: Good Jobs, Strong Economy Issue Position: Small Business Issue Position: Budget Issue Position: Energy Independence Issue Position: Social Security Issue Position: Housing Issue Position: Economic Relief to the Middle Class Issue Position: Safe and Responsible Deadline to Bring Our Troops Home Issue Position: The Economy Issue Position: Strong Public Schools, College Affordability Issue Position: Oceans and Fisheries Issue Position: Education Issue Position: Telecommunications Issue Position: Transportation and Infrastructure Issue Position: Agriculture Issue Position: Keeping Our Promise to America's Veterans Issue Position: Energy Issue Position: Health Issue Position: Protecting Small Businesses Issue Position: Veterans Issue Position: Trade Issue Position: Protecting Maine's Outdoors Issue Position: National Defense Issue Position: Labor Issue Position: Ethics and Reform Issue Position: Environment Issue Position: Universal Health Care for Every American Issue Position: Easing the Middle Class "Squeeze" Issue Position: Reproductive Rights Issue Position: Iraq 11/17/08 Statement on a Rescue Plan for the American Automobile Industry 11/07/08 Representative Tom Allen Issues Statement on a Second Stimulus Package 10/30/08 Message to Maine "Working Women: Equality Now and in Retirement" 10/30/08 Statement from Congressman Tom Allen on the Federal Allocation of $112 Million to CEI 10/23/08 Seacoast Online - Allen Promises He'll Fight for Change in D.C. 10/18/08 Bangor Daily News - Democratic Challenger Argues for Change in D.C. 10/15/08 Portland Press Herald - Rivals Spar Over Iraq, Partisanship, Economy 10/15/08 Bush Signs into Law Obama-Murkowski-Allen Bill to Ban Dangerous Mercury Exports 10/08/08 Rep. Tom Allen Announces Ship Strike Reduction Rule to Protect North Atlantic Right Whales 10/07/08 Message to Maine "A Necessary First Step to Rescue Our Economy: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act" 10/03/08 Portland Press Herald & Maine Sunday Telegram - Markets, Iraq Dominate Senate Debate Economy 10/03/08 Mercury Export Ban Act of 2008 10/03/08 Statement from Congressman Tom Allen on Today's House Vote on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 10/02/08 Message to Maine "Congress Enacts Mercury Export Ban" 10/02/08 Rep. Tom Allen Calls on the House to Pass the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 10/01/08 Statement from Congressman Tom Allen on the Economic Recovery Package 9/30/08 Maine Researchers, Defense Contractors to Play Large Role in Equipping Armed Forces 9/30/08 Bangor Daily News - "Michaud, Allen split on rescue proposal"