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Jack Hoogendyk, Jr.'s Public Statements

Date Title
About Jack
My Ballot: U.S. Senator
Issue Position: Economy
Issue Position: Life
Issue Position: Taxation and Government Growth
Issue Position: Jobs
Issue Position: Education
Issue Position: Health Care
Issue Position: Transparency
Issue Position: National Defense
Issue Position: Energy
Issue Position: State Sovereignty and Individual Rights
Issue Position: Property Rights
Issue Position: Second Amendment
Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy
Issue Position: Gas Prices and Energy
Issue Position: Securing Our Borders
Issue Position: National Security
Issue Position: Wasteful Washington Spending
Issue Position: Second Amendment
Issue Position: Public Education
Issue Position: Preserving Traditional Values
Issue Position: Human Life
Oct. 3, 2013 Contract from America
Jan. 1, 2012 The US Term Limits Amendment Pledge
Jan. 1, 2012 Americans For Tax Reform: The Taxpayer Protection Pledge - Michigan
Oct. 9, 2008 Jack. To the Point.
Oct. 3, 2008 Jack. Bailout. Straight Talk.
Aug. 22, 2008 Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities
Aug. 21, 2008 Morning Sun - "Senate candidate Hoogendyk calls for support of Georgia"
Aug. 19, 2008 Mortgage "Crisis" Not Really a Crisis
Aug. 12, 2008 Q & A With Jack Hoogendyk (R-MI)
Aug. 12, 2008 Carl Levin's Extremely Radical Abortion Agenda
Aug. 8, 2008 Levin: "It's not a bailout!" Oh, really?
Aug. 5, 2008 Levin's Big Government Solution to the Energy Crisis
July 30, 2008 Show Me the Money
July 29, 2008 Budget Deficit: $482 Billion. Is Carl Levin helping?
July 28, 2008 Senator Levin! Save Us From the Monkeys!
July 23, 2008 Press & Guide - "Candidates in 11th District House, U.S. Senate races profiled"
July 3, 2008 Carl the Cab Crusader
June 29, 2008 Tax It and It Will Leave
June 27, 2008 Quote of the Day...but Which One?
June 20, 2008 The New Business Tax is a Business Killer
June 17, 2008 MEDC to Legislature: Trust Us!
June 11, 2008 House Passes K-12 Budget With $32.2 Million Deficit
June 5, 2008 Department of Community Health Budget
June 4, 2008 The Takings Coalition Strikes Again
June 4, 2008 Educating You About Arthritis is Now Our Responsibility
May 27, 2008 SB 776 is Now on Final Passage
May 27, 2008 House Leadership (Oxymoron)
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