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3/10/14 Governor Jindal Marks Opening of 2014 Legislative Session, Highlights New Careers of Louisianians Across the State 6/11/13 Governor Jindal Signs Legislation to Reduce Size and Scope of State Government 3/11/13 Washington Post - Read Bobby Jindal's Gridiron Dinner speech 1/24/13 Gov. Jindal to Refute President Obama's Liberal Vision for America 8/16/12 Gov. Jindal Announces Tim Barfield to Serve as Revenue Secretary 2/10/12 Gov. Jindal Announces Bills to Enhance Ethics Enforcement 10/26/11 Gov. Jindal Announces Support of Rep. Chuck Kleckley for Speaker of the House 9/12/11 Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Endorses Perry for President 6/28/11 Governor Jindal Signs Bill Abolishing Outdated Boards and Commissions 6/25/10 Letter to Alfred Speer Vetoing House Bill 37 3/19/10 Governor Jindal Orders Pay Freeze for Unclassified Workers 7/27/09 Governor Jindal Addresses First Commission on Streamlining Government Meeting 7/24/09 Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Executive Order Establishing Limited Hiring Freeze in State Government 7/09/09 Governor Jindal Signs Bill Abolishing Boards and Commissions 4/24/09 Governor Bobby Jindal Issues Executive Order Establishing Commission on Streamlining Government 3/13/09 Governor Jindal's Remarks On The FY 2009-2010 Executive Budget 3/05/09 Fox News "Hannity" - Transcript 11/11/08 MSNBC "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with David Gregory" - Transcipt 5/30/08 Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Several Bills Into Law Today 3/12/08 Governor Bobby Jindal Issues Veto Letter for H.B. 90 2/26/08 Governor Jindal Announces Accomplishments of Ethics Reform Special Session 2/01/08 Governor Bobby Jindal Releases Call for Ethics Reform Special Session 7/30/07 Bobby Jindal Announces "Ending Corruption" Comprehensive Ethics Policy 7/25/07 Jindal Launches "Sign Up Louisiana" Campaign 3/01/07 Jindal Votes to Strengthen Oversight of U.S. Investments by Foreign Firms 1/19/07 Jindal Supports Bill to Strengthen Page Program 1/04/07 Jindal Begins New Congress By Supporting Ethics Reform Package 6/03/05 Jindal Wraps Up Successful "Open Doors" with Local Firefighters

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