Representative Kevin McCarthy's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (CA) - District 23, Republican Majority Leader
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11/19/15 We Need Fed Reform for a Stronger Economy 11/18/15 The House Defends the American Dream from Regulatory Overreach 11/18/15 Leader McCarthy on the Obama Administration's Decision to Keep Guantanamo Bay Open 11/17/15 ISIS Must Be Defeated, Not Contained 11/17/15 Tribes Should Be Able to Set Their Own Labor Rules 11/13/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on the Paris Attacks 11/06/15 Rejecting Keystone Puts Ideology Above the Common Good 11/05/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on House Passage of NDAA 11/03/15 A New Direction for the House 11/03/15 When the President Cares About Winning 11/03/15 Letter to President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority - Violence in the West Bank and Israel 10/30/15 Leader McCarthy on the President's Decision to Send Troops into Syria 10/28/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on Budget Deal 10/28/15 Leader McCarthy Presents His Foreign Policy Vision 10/28/15 Leader McCarthy: Paul Ryan is the Leader We Need 10/28/15 "Special Report with Bret Baier" - Transcript: Leader McCarthy Talks Conservative Leadership with Brett Baier 10/23/15 Legislative Program 10/23/15 The House Passes A Death Blow to Obamacare 10/22/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States and Edmund G. Brown, Jr. - El Nino-Related Precipitation 10/22/15 The Commander-in-Chief Put Partisan Goals Above the Well-Being of Our Troops 10/22/15 Growing Threats Abroad? Time to Sign the NDAA 10/22/15 Using American Rare Minerals is Good for Our Economy and Security 10/21/15 The House Votes to Avoid Default 10/21/15 Kids Win With School Choice 10/20/15 Vetoing Defense is Irresponsible 10/19/15 President Obama Puts Troops in Harm's Way While Planning to Block Defense Funding Authorization 10/16/15 Hoyer Statement on the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March 10/15/15 The President Should Not Repeat His Iraq Mistake in Afghanistan 10/09/15 House Votes to Lift the Ban on American Oil Exports 10/07/15 Vetoing National Defense is Dangerous and Wrong 10/07/15 The House Helps Homebuyers 10/05/15 Congress Will Thoroughly Review TPP 10/02/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on September Jobs Report 10/02/15 Building America's Energy Renaissance Part 1: Strong and Prosperous Communities 10/01/15 Victims of Iranian Terrorism Need Justice 10/01/15 EPA's Ozone Rule Is All Pain For Little Gain 10/01/15 House Passes Defense Authorization 9/30/15 Politico - The House GOP's War on Women 9/30/15 House to Help America's Homebuyers 9/29/15 Leader McCarthy on the Air: Washington Must Work for the People, Not Itself 9/29/15 No More Forcing States to Support Abortion 9/25/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on Speaker Boehner 9/18/15 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act 9/17/15 House Acts Against Frivolous Lawsuit Abuse 9/11/15 Suspension of Authority to Waive, Suspend, Reduce, Provide Relief from, or Otherwise Limit the Application of Sanctions Pursuant to an Agreement Related to the Nuclear Program of Iran 9/11/15 In Remembrance of 9/11 9/10/15 America Has a Right to See the Secret Side Deals 9/09/15 One Step Closer to Restoring Constitutionalism 9/08/15 The Daily Independant - Parade of 1,000 Flags inspires all generations 9/04/15 Leader McCarthy Statement on August Jobs Report