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Office: U.S. Senate (WA) - Jr, Democratic
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1/20/06 Cantwell Demands End to Unauthorized Sale of Americans' Private Cell Phone Records 1/17/06 Senator Maria Cantwell's Weekly Update for Washington State 1/15/06 Cantwell Demands Help for Seniors Left Behind by New Medicare Drug Program 1/14/06 Carper, Other Dems Call on Bush Administration to Fix Medicare Drug Program 1/13/06 Cantwell Commemorates Martin Luther King Day 1/10/06 Cantwell Commends EPA Proposal to Improve Accuracy of Gas Mileage Estimates for New Cars and Trucks 1/08/06 Weekly Update for Monday, January 8, 2007 1/05/06 Cantwell Legislation to Protect Thousands of Mail Order Brides from Abuse Becomes Law 1/01/06 A Message From Maria 12/23/05 Cantwell Announces Nearly One Million Gallon Deal to Spark Northwest Biofuel Growth 12/21/05 Human Rights Violations in Ethiopia 12/21/05 Department of Defense Approporations Act, 2006--Conference Report--Resumed 12/21/05 Cantwell Leads Senate in Stopping Arctic Drilling 12/21/05 Cantwell Statement on Final Passage of Defense Spending Bill 12/20/05 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005--Conference Report 12/20/05 Cantwell Statement on Alaskan Antitrust Suit Alleging BP and Exxon Conspired "to Withhold Natural Gas from U.S. Markets" 12/19/05 The Alaska Refuge 12/19/05 Cantwell Votes to Extend Debate on the Patriot Act 12/19/05 Senator Maria Cantwell's Weekly Update for Washington State 12/16/05 CNN The Situation Room - Transcript 12/14/05 Cantwell Repeats Demand for Investigation Into Oil Execs' False Testimony 12/14/05 Senator Clinton Joins Senate Colleagues in Letter to President on Iraq 12/13/05 Cantwell Joins Bipartisan Senate Delegation to Witness Iraqi Elections, Meet with Washington Troops During Holiday Season 12/12/05 Senate Rural Health Caucus Calling for Retention of Funds for Rural Health 12/12/05 Cantwell Applauds Partial Reopening of Japan to U.S. Beef Imports, Calls for Full Access 12/12/05 Maria's Weekly Update 12/11/05 Cantwell Calls for Enrollment Period Extension for Seniors Medicare Prescription Drug Plan 12/09/05 Cantwell's Tax Cut Clears House 12/07/05 Cantwell's Statement on Pearl Harbor Day 12/06/05 Letter to Senators Frist, Reid, Gregg and Conrad 12/06/05 Cantwell Reiterates Demand for Public Release of Full Hanford Vit Plant Reports 12/06/05 Cantwell Blasts House Proposal to Sell Public Lands in Handout to Mining Industry 12/06/05 Cantwell's Statement on the Department of Energy's Winter Fuel Price Forecast 12/06/05 Cantwell Earns Award of Excellence from Everett Chamber of Commerce 12/06/05 Senators Press President on Climate Change 12/05/05 Cantwell Announces Comprehensive Oil Spill Prevention Legislation 12/05/05 Cantwell Calls on Bush to Stop Ignoring Global Warming 12/02/05 Cantwell Demands Public Release of Full Hanford Vit Plant Reports 12/01/05 Cantwell Demands Oil Execs Testify Under Oath as Oil Companies Fail to Answer Questions about Exports, Supply, and Trading Practices 12/01/05 Cantwell Applauds Washington State Inclusion in National Sex Offender Database, Continues Call for Tougher Laws 12/01/05 Senator Cantwell's Statement on World AIDS Day 11/29/05 Cantwell's Ferry Security Measures Clear Important Hurdle 11/28/05 Cantwell Calls on President Bush to Support Vital Pension Protections 11/28/05 Maria's Weekly Update 11/22/05 Senate Passes Cantwell-Backed Legislation to Reduce Medical Errors with Better Technology in Hospitals and Clinics 11/21/05 Maria's Weekly Update 11/17/05 Cantwell Takes Fight to Senate Floor to Protect Consumers from Gas Price Gouging 11/17/05 Cantwell Wins Review of Former Hanford Worker Benefits Status 11/17/05 Tax Relief Act of 2005 11/17/05 57 Senators Support Cantwell Anti-Gas Price Gouging Bill