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Office: U.S. House (VA) - District 6, Republican
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12/04/14 Goodlatte Names Subcommittee Chairmen and Vice Chairmen for 114th Congress 12/03/14 Hearing of the Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee - HR 917, the Sunshine in the Courtroom Act of 2013 12/01/14 Letter to Ed Carnes, Chief Judge of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and Gerald Tjoflat, Circuit Judge of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals - Requesting Update on Judge Fuller Investigation 11/25/14 Letter to Eric Holder, US Attorney General - Requesting Information about Questionable Terms in Justice Department's Recent Mortgage-Lending Settlement Agreements 11/07/14 Chairman Goodlatte Statement on Obama's Nominee for Attorney General 9/25/14 Chairman Goodlatte Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder 6/30/14 Goodlatte Statement on Landmark Hobby Lobby Decision 6/30/14 Chairman Goodlatte Statement on Landmark Hobby Lobby Decision 6/29/14 FOX "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" - Transcript: Is President Obama is Guilty of Executive Overreach? 6/26/14 Goodlatte Applauds Supreme Court Ruling on President Obama's Executive Overreach 6/20/14 Goodlatte Files Amicus Brief on Chesapeake Bay Case 6/19/14 House Judiciary Hearing Spurs Action on Courthouse Issues 6/19/14 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee - GSA's Failure to Meet the Judiciary: A Case Study of Bureaucratic Negligence and Waste 10/29/13 Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee - Are More Judges Always the Answer? 10/14/13 Goodlatte Statement on al-Liby Arrival in New York to Stand Trial 4/19/13 Holding Government Officials Accountable to the American People 4/17/13 DOJ Agrees to Give House Judiciary Committee Legal Docs After Subpoena Notice 4/15/13 Grassley, Goodlatte and Issa Release Report: How Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez Manipulated Justice and Ignored the Rule of Law 4/12/13 Rooting Out Waste at the Department of Justice 4/10/13 Politico - Excessive Waste at Department of Justice 12/18/12 Video Privacy Protect Act Amendments Act of 2012 2/28/12 Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012 12/09/10 Senate Votes to Remove Impeached Federal Judge from Bench 12/11/09 Introduction Of The Stopp Act 6/26/09 Goodlatte Reintroduces Legislation Saying That Judicial Decisions Shouldn't Be Based On Foreign Court Rulings 6/19/09 Impeaching Judge Samuel B. Kent 6/03/09 Hearing of the House Committee on the Judiciary - The Impeachment of Samuel B. Kent of the Southern District of Texas 7/17/08 Hearing of the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommitee of the House Judiciary Committee - From the Department of Justice to Guantanamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules, Part V 2/15/08 The Senate's Obligation to Act on Federal Nominees 7/30/07 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 986, Eightmile Wild and Scenic River Act 5/24/07 Bob's Weekly Report: The Senate Amnesty Bill: Not The Solution To Our Immigration Problem 5/22/07 The Reverend Jerry Fallwell 3/21/07 Judicial Disclosure Responsibility Act 9/15/06 Bob's Weekly Report (Protection For Private Property Takes Another Step Forward) 6/30/06 Goodlatte Statement Following President's Executive Order On Eminent Domain 4/20/06 Bob's Weekly Report - Protecting Private Property for All Americans 3/30/06 Introduction of the Design Piracy Prohibition Act 1/06/06 Legislative Accomplishments in 2005 11/03/05 Goodlatte Legislation to Protect Private Property Rights Passes House 11/03/05 Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2005 10/14/05 Taking Action to Preserve Private Property 10/07/05 Goodlatte Chairs First Markup on Eminent Domain Leglislation 9/29/05 Judiciary Subcommittee Passes Goodlatte Legislation Saying that Judicial Decisions Shouldn't be Based on Foreign Precedents 9/23/05 Celebrating America's First Constitution 9/07/05 Goodlatte Chairs First House Hearing on Eminent Domain 8/26/05 Eminent Domain: Protecting Our Rights and Our Land 7/27/05 Committee to Hold Hearings on Eminent Domain 7/08/05 Ensuring Protection of Private Property 7/01/05 Goodlatte Statement Following the Resignation of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor 7/01/05 Bob's Weekly Report - The American Flag is Much More than a Piece of Cloth