Senator Bernard 'Bernie' Sanders's Public Statements

Office: U.S. Senate (VT) - Jr, Independent
On The Ballot: Announced, Democratic for President
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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript Issue Position: Economy Issue Position: Veterans Issue Position: Corporate Control of the Media Issue Position: Global Warming/Energy and Environment Issue Position: Iraq War Issue Position: Health Care Issue Position: Trade Issue Position: USA Patriot Act/Civil Liberties 7/23/15 Americans with Disabilities Act 25th Anniversary 7/22/15 Sandra Bland Arrest was "Painful and Dreadful,' Sanders Says 7/22/15 Fight for 15 7/22/15 Wyden, Senaotors Call on FCC to Apply Privacy Protections to Broadband 7/21/15 "Totally Outrageous,' Sanders Says of Texas Police Video 7/21/15 Older Americans Act 7/20/15 Letter to Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency - Renewable Fuel Standard 7/19/15 Sanders Draws Thousands to Texas Rallies 7/18/15 In Arizona, Sanders Draws Biggest Crowd Yet 7/17/15 Sanders Announces He's Backing New Attempt to Break Up Big Banks, Working With Senator Warren on Her Glass-Steagall Act 7/17/15 Sanders Warned Against Bank Consolidation Back in 1999 7/17/15 Senate Passes Older Americans Act, Bipartisan Legislation to Support Social and Nutrition Services for Nearly 12 Million U.S. Seniors 7/16/15 Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 7/16/15 Jobs Not Jails 7/15/15 Letter to John Kerry, Secretary of State - International Human Trafficking 7/15/15 Los Angeles Times - The Savvy Tech Strategy Fueling Bernie Sanders' Upstart 2016 Campaign 7/15/15 Every Child Achieves Act of 2015--Continued 7/14/15 Letter to The Food and Drug Administration - Science-Based Blood Donation Policy 7/14/15 Sanders Welcomes Secretary Clinton to Senate Caucus Meeting 7/13/15 Sanders Addresses La Raza on Racism and Immigration 7/13/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Expand Social Security 7/13/15 Letter to John Kickenlooper, Governor of Colorado, Nancy Wyman, Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut, and Marty Jackley, Attorney General of South Dakota - Reduction in the Cost of Naloxone 7/13/15 "I Look Forward to Issue-Oriented Debate,' Sanders Says on Clinton Economic Speech 7/09/15 Bush Buckraking: "This is Not Democracy' 7/09/15 Bush "Does Not Seem to Understand Our Economy,' Sanders Says 7/08/15 Every Child Achieves Act of 2015--Continued 7/06/15 Mainers Back Bernie at Big Rally 7/05/15 Sanders Welcomes Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage 7/03/15 Labor Backing for Bernie Builds, CWA Past President Endorses Sanders 7/01/15 Thank You Wisconsin, Sanders Tells 10,000 at Madison Coliseum 6/30/15 As Campaign Cash Frenzy Peaks, Sanders Decries "National Disgrace' 6/28/15 ABC News "This Week" - Transcript: Bernie Sanders 6/28/15 Sanders' Agenda for America Helps Minorities 6/27/15 Granite State 6/26/15 Equal Justice Under Law 6/25/15 Sanders & Schakowsky Plan Tackles Wealth Inequality With Estate Tax Reform 6/24/15 NEA in Vermont Endorses Bernie 6/23/15 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Executive Order Requiring Disclosure of Political Spending by Government Contractors 6/23/15 Defending Public Safety Employees' Retirement Act 6/22/15 Sanders Welcomes Elizabeth Warren Backers 6/22/15 Tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina