Representative Lamar S. Smith's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (TX) - District 21, Republican
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4/16/10 A Win For American Workers 4/16/10 Sins Of The Father 4/16/10 Smith: National Day Of Prayer Is NOT Unconstitutional 4/15/10 Smith Supports Bill To Provide Vital Homeland Security Funding 4/14/10 Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States - Rejecting Additional Tax Increases 4/14/10 Newsweek Should Report Facts On Economy 4/14/10 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Regulation Compact Amendments 4/13/10 Americans Say Media Bias Is Bigger Problem Than Campaign Contributions 4/13/10 National Media Fail To Hold President Accountable 3/23/10 Smith Cosponsors Bill to Repeal Government Takeover of Health Care 3/22/10 Smith: Health Care Bill Wrong Way To Go 3/22/10 A Tale Of Two Rallies 3/21/10 Senate Amendments To H.R. 3590, Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act Of 2009, And H.R. 4872, Health Care And Education Reconciliation Act Of 2010 3/20/10 AP Finds Premiums Will Go Up Under Health Care 3/19/10 Listen To Your Conscience 3/19/10 Reps. Miller, Smith, And Myrick On The Daily Caller: Reclaim 8 Million Jobs 3/19/10 Smith: Dems' Health Care Scheme Is A Betrayal Of Public Trust 3/19/10 Reclaim American Jobs Caucus Focuses On Putting Americans Back To Work 3/18/10 Health Care Reform 3/17/10 Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act Of 2009 3/16/10 Health Care Reform 3/16/10 DOJ Refuses To Investigate ACORN 3/15/10 Despite Media's Spin, Americans Oppose Health Care Plan 3/12/10 Health Care Coverage One-Sided 3/11/10 Start Over On Health Care 3/10/10 Media Gives Democrats' Side On Reconciliation 3/09/10 Americans Say Media Are Biased 3/03/10 Smith Statement On President's Health Care Tactics 2/25/10 Smith: Obama Administration Is Holding Wrong Summit 2/25/10 Obama Administration Holding Wrong Summit 2/25/10 Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act Of 2009 2/24/10 Enact Tort Reform Now 2/23/10 Networks Boost So-called Stimulus 2/23/10 Smith Bill Bars Terrorists' Entry To U.S. 2/23/10 Smith: Health Care Summit Photo Op, Not Real Reform 2/23/10 Smith: Zazi And KSM Are Not The Same 2/22/10 Reclaiming America's Greatness 2/17/10 Smith: No Reason To Celebrate "Stimulus' Anniversary 2/04/10 Smith Supports Passage Of Cybersecurity Bill 2/04/10 Executives, Small Business Owners, And Union Members Say "Enforce Immigration Laws'' 2/03/10 Christmas Day Bomber Is A Terrorist, Not A Student 2/03/10 Americans Feel Less Safe 2/03/10 Media Give Obama Better Coverage Than Bush 2/02/10 The Administration Is Not Serious About Immigration Enforcement 2/01/10 Smith: Gitmo Decision To Cost Americans In Safety And Security 1/29/10 Smith: Rethink Manhattan … And U.S. Soil 1/28/10 Smith Response To State Of The Union 1/26/10 Keep Terrorist Locked Up In Cuba 1/26/10 Bill Requires Consultation Before Giving Terrorists Miranda Rights 1/26/10 Illegal Immigration Hurts Lower Skilled Citizens And Legal Immigrants