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Joe Barton's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (TX) - District 6, Republican
Date Title
Dec. 7, 2005 Barton Urges NCAA Football to Adopt a Playoff System
Dec. 6, 2005 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 4241, Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Dec. 2, 2005 Committee to Review BCS College Football System
Nov. 18, 2005 Jockeys Need Adequate Insurance, Improved Leadership
Nov. 17, 2005 Medicare Payment System Needs Reform To Treat Patients, Pay Doctors and Stop Waste
Nov. 16, 2005 Barton: Farmers Belong in Fields, Not in Courtrooms
Nov. 16, 2005 Barton Seeks to Balance Copyright Protections, Consumers Rights
Nov. 15, 2005 Barton: Bill Attacks Meth Labs, Protects Access to Cold, Allergy Remedies
Nov. 10, 2005 Barton Pledges to Protect Consumer Rights to Repair their Cars
Nov. 9, 2005 Prepared Statement of the Honorable Joe Barton - Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet
Nov. 9, 2005 Broadband Bill Promotes New Internet Services, More Jobs for Americans
Oct. 31, 2005 The Washington Times: Save Medicaid from Itself
Oct. 25, 2005 Barton Opening Statement On Medicaid Reform, Digital TV Transition Bills
Oct. 25, 2005 Medicaid Reform Includes Relief for Hurricane Victims, Home Heating Costs
Oct. 20, 2005 The Dallas Morning News: Rx for Medicaid
Oct. 19, 2005 Barton: Stymied Energy Projects Partly To Blame for Higher Fuel Costs
Oct. 19, 2005 Barton Votes to Fight Frivolous Lawsuits, Uphold Personal Responsibility
Oct. 19, 2005 Barton Seeks to Combat Asian Bird Flu
Oct. 7, 2005 Further Message from the Senate
Oct. 7, 2005 House Approves GAS Act
Oct. 7, 2005 Providing for Consideration of H.R. 3893, Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005
Oct. 7, 2005 Barton's Gasoline for America's Security Act Passes House
Oct. 7, 2005 Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005
Sept. 29, 2005 Committee, Spurred by Katrina & Rita, Okay's Refinery Expansion Legislation; Goal is More Gasoline at Lower Prices
Sept. 28, 2005 Katrina Exposes Lack of Refining Capacity That Hurts Working Americans
Sept. 26, 2005 Barton Releases Discussion Draft of Energy Bill
Sept. 22, 2005 Barton: Katrina Lessons Crucial as U.S. Prepares for Rita
Sept. 20, 2005 Barton Outlines Plans For Post-Katrina Refinery Bill
Sept. 15, 2005 Committee Releases Draft Broadband Legislation
Sept. 8, 2005 Barton on Medicaid Reform
Sept. 8, 2005 Health Care Aid In The Wake Of Katrina: "The Help You Need, Sooner And Larger"
Sept. 7, 2005 Conference Report on H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005
Sept. 7, 2005 Barton: Katrina Exposes Fragility Of Energy Sector, Infrastructure
Aug. 31, 2005 Committee to Examine Hurricane Katrina's Impact on U.S. Energy Supply, Price of Gasoline
Aug. 29, 2005 President Could Tap SPR to Alleviate Hurricane Katrina Oil Shortages, Barton Says
Aug. 8, 2005 President Signs Energy Policy Act of 2005
Aug. 3, 2005 Barton, Whitfield Query Physicians Regarding Silicosis
Aug. 2, 2005 Barton, Whitfield Seek Information From Screening Companies Regarding Silicosis
July 29, 2005 Barton Applauds Senate Passage Of Energy Bill, Domenici Leadership
July 29, 2005 Conference Report on H.R. 3, Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users
July 29, 2005 Medical Device User Fee Stabilization Act of 2005
July 28, 2005 Conference Report on H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005
July 28, 2005 Waiving Points of Order Against Conference Report on H.R. 6, Energy Policy Act of 2005
July 27, 2005 Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act
July 27, 2005 In Support of the Energy Conference Report
July 22, 2005 The Dallas Morning News: Will Energy Bill Pass?
July 14, 2005 Barton on Energy Conference
July 14, 2005 Barton Fights to Ensure Veterans Receive Their Well-Deserved Benefits
July 12, 2005 Barton Committed to Work With Senate on Setting DTV Hard Deadline
July 11, 2005 USA Today: Why Sell Company to China?
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