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John Boehner's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (OH) - District 8, Republican Speaker of the House
Date Title
May 23, 2007 Boehner: Democrats' Energy Bill Will Increase Price at Pump
May 18, 2007 Honoring Those Who Have Died Fighting for Our Freedom
May 17, 2007 Conference Report On S. Con. Res. 21, Concurrent Resolution On The Budget For Fiscal Year 2008
May 17, 2007 Washington D.C. Parents Pleased With School Choice; Ohio's Students Deserve Nothing Less
May 17, 2007 Boehner Hails Republican Tax Cuts for Creating Jobs, Providing Relief to American Families
May 17, 2007 Boehner: Missile Defense Cuts Weaken American Security
May 14, 2007 An Appeal for Courage from Those Serving to Protect Us
May 11, 2007 Boehner: Democrats' Intelligence Bill Undermines Efforts to Strengthen America's National Security
May 10, 2007 Boehner: Trade Pact Will Help Keep America's Economy Strong
May 10, 2007 Reception Of Former Members Of Congress
May 9, 2007 Nearly 3,000 U.S. Troops Petition Congress To Stop Calls for Retreat
May 9, 2007 CNN The Situation Room-Transcript
May 9, 2007 Boehner: Balance the Budget Without Raising Taxes, Stop the Raid on Social Security
May 8, 2007 Boehner Statement on Democratic Plans to Ration Funding for America's Troops
May 6, 2007 FOX Fox News Sunday-Transcript
May 4, 2007 Faith-Based Organizations Take a Hit in Congress
May 3, 2007 Boehner Opposes Unconstitutional Thought Crimes Bill
May 2, 2007 U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, And Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007--Veto Message From The President Of The Unite
May 2, 2007 Boehner Statement on Vote to Sustain President's Veto
April 30, 2007 What We're Fighting For
April 26, 2007 Democrats Stalling, Delaying Funding for Troops in Harm’s Way
April 26, 2007 Mr. President, Veto This Bill
April 25, 2007 U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, And Iraq Accountability Act, 2007
April 24, 2007 Democrats’ Ill-Conceived “Compromise” Moves Up Surrender Date
April 10, 2007 Boehner Statement on President's Call to Support Our Soldiers & Pass Clean Troop Funding Bill
April 9, 2007 Letter To House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
April 4, 2007 Boehner Statement On Dems' Attempt to Ban the Phrase "Global War on Terror"
April 2, 2007 House Republicans' Letter to President Bush Pledges to Sustain Presidential Veto on Pork-Laden War Spending Bill
March 29, 2007 Boehner: Congress Should Complete Work on Clean Troop Funding Bill Before Leaving Town for Two-Week Break
March 29, 2007 Boehner: Democrats' Tax Hike is the Wrong Approach for Middle Class Families
March 28, 2007 Boehner Promises Fight if Democrats Change Rules to Halt GOP Success in Modifying Bills
March 23, 2007 Boehner Statement Opposing Democrats' "Slow-Bleed" Strategy to Choke Off Funding for America's Troops
March 15, 2007 Boehner Statement on Committee Adoption of Democrats' "Slow Bleed" Spending Bill
March 15, 2007 Boehner Statement on the Confession of 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
March 8, 2007 Committee Funding Resolution
March 1, 2007 Tax Relief
Feb. 28, 2007 Boehner Statement on Democrats' Decision to Place Rep. William Jefferson on Homeland Security Committee
Feb. 28, 2007 Boehner Says Military Spending Bill Should Support American Troops, Not Pork
Feb. 23, 2007 Boehner Calls on Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Other Democratic Leaders to Disavow Murtha Slow-Bleed Strategy
Feb. 16, 2007 Iraq War Resolution
Feb. 15, 2007 Boehner Statement on Murtha Plan to Choke Off Funding for U.S. Troops in Harm's Way
Feb. 15, 2007 8th District Veterans Join with Boehner to Denounce Nonbinding Resolution on Iraq
Feb. 14, 2007 Expressing Sorrow Of The House At The Death Of The Hon. Charlie Norwood
Feb. 13, 2007 Iraq War Resolution
Feb. 13, 2007 Boehner Opening Floor Speech on Iraq Resolution
Feb. 11, 2007 NBC Meet The Press-Transcript
Feb. 7, 2007 Boehner Calls on House Democrats to Allow Vote on Funding Troops in Field
Feb. 6, 2007 Boehner Statement Opposing Bill to Undermine Workers'
Feb. 5, 2007 Boehner Statement on FY 2008 Budget Request
Jan. 26, 2007 Success in Iraq Means a Safer, More Secure America
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