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10/02/15 Speaker Boehner on the September 2015 Unemployment Report 10/01/15 House Passes Bipartisan Defense Bill to Keep America Safe, Provide the Resources Our Troops Need 10/01/15 Not One Cent For Iran Until It Pays For Its Terror 10/01/15 Boehner Statement on the Benghazi Select Committee 9/30/15 House Takes Next Steps to Protect Unborn Children & Sanctity of Life 9/29/15 Speaker Boehner: Report Reaffirms Need for White House Strategy to Confront Terrorist Threat 9/29/15 Boehner: "We're Here to Do the People's Work" 9/29/15 House Passes Strong Pro-Life Measure to Empower States, Protect Taxpayers 9/27/15 "Face the Nation" - Transcript: "It's Been a Great Run" 9/25/15 Congratulating Midmark Corporation on Their 100th Anniversary 9/25/15 Speaker Boehner: "It's Been An Honor To Serve" 9/25/15 Statement by House Speaker John Boehner 9/24/15 Speaker Boehner on Pope Francis' Address to Congress 9/23/15 Reality Check: Pres. Obama's Failed Foreign Policy is Fueling Syria Disaster 9/22/15 Speaker Boehner on Senate Democrats' Extreme Support for Late-Term Abortions 9/21/15 - Boehner on Pope Francis: "This is Big Stuff' 9/21/15 Countdown to the Pope's Address: Tickets, Please 9/19/15 The New York Times - For G.O.P., Pope Francis' Visit to Congress Comes With Tensions 9/18/15 Speaker Boehner: "Those Who Deny the Weakest Among Us the Right to Life Are on the Wrong Side of History' 9/18/15 Countdown to the Pope's Address: First Look Edition 9/17/15 Speaker Boehner: President Obama's Blind Support for Abortion Business is Indefensible 9/17/15 Boehner Discusses House Action to Fight Horrific Abortion Practices 9/17/15 Reducing Lawsuit Abuse: Good For Our Economy & The Public Good 9/17/15 Constitution Day 9/11/15 Suspension of Authority to Waive, Suspend, Reduce, Provide Relief from, or Otherwise Limit the Application of Sanctions Pursuant to an Agreement Related to the Nuclear Program of Iran 9/11/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on Third Anniversary of the Benghazi Terrorist Attack 9/10/15 Boehner Provides Update on the House's Ongoing Planned Parenthood Investigation 9/10/15 Boehner: "We'll Use Every Tool at Our Disposal to Stop, Slow, & Delay this Agreement" 9/10/15 Boehner on ObamaCare Ruling: Big Victory for Limited Government & Our First Principles 9/09/15 Speaker Boehner Welcomes Christian Leaders Opposed to the Iran Deal 9/08/15 Boehner Backs Governors Standing Strong Against Iran 8/30/15 Speaker Boehner on the President's Decision to Rename Mount McKinley 8/26/15 Speaker Boehner Honors 19th Amendment Anniversary 8/24/15 Speaker Boehner Applauds New Administrator of Opportunity Scholarship Program 8/22/15 Pittsburgh-Tribune: For The Sake Of Jobs, Lift The Ban On Exporting U.S. Oil 8/19/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement's Secret Side Deals 8/14/15 Speaker Boehner on Reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba 8/12/15 Speaker Boehner Calls For Action & Accountability Following EPA's Toxic Spill 8/11/15 BOEHNER COLUMN: A Commitment to Providing Excellent Constituent Services 8/11/15 Speaker Boehner on Secretary Clinton Turning Over Email Server 8/08/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on the Fight Against ISIL 8/07/15 Speaker Boehner on the July 2015 Unemployment Report 8/04/15 Boehner Statement on Resolution of Disapproval on President's Iran Deal 8/03/15 Boehner on President Obama's National Energy Tax 7/31/15 Hire More Heroes Act, Top Republican Priority, Becomes Law 7/24/15 Boehner Statement on Secretary Clinton's Emails Including Classified Information 7/23/15 Boehner on Next Week's House Benghazi Hearing 7/23/15 BOEHNER COLUMN: 21st Century Cures Empowers Doctors to Bring Life-Saving Treatments to Patients 7/23/15 Boehner on Iran: "Will America Be Safer?" 7/22/15 Boehner on Iran Deal, House Focus on the People's Priorities