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Office: U.S. House (OH) - District 8, Republican Speaker of the House
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Issue Position: Securing Our Borders, Enforcing Our Laws Issue Position: Border Security and Immigration Issue Position: Securing the Border & Enforcing Our Nation's Laws 11/21/14 Boehner: We Will Listen to the People & Protect the Constitution 11/20/14 A Message Before the President's Immigration's Speech 11/20/14 Speaker Boehner to President Obama: This Is Not How American Democracy Works 11/13/14 Yahoo News - Immigration, Keystone Top First Day of Lame Duck 10/09/14 Boehner and Goodlatte: It's Never Acceptable for the President to Re-Write Our Laws 9/06/14 Americans Deserve Honesty, Transparency, & Accountability 8/08/14 Politico - Do Your Job, Mr. President 8/01/14 House Approves Border Crisis Bill; President Should Urge Senate Dems to Act 7/31/14 Statement by House GOP Leaders on Border Bill 7/29/14 Boehner to Reid: House Will Reject Any Attempt to Add Immigration Reform to Border Bill 7/18/14 Time - Democrat To Obama: You Must Hear the Stories of Child Migrants 7/10/14 Times-Picayune - Sen. Vitter Asks: How Many Central American Immigrants Heading to Louisiana? 1/28/14 Boehner Statement on the State of the Union Address 11/21/13 Boehner Encouraged by President's Support for Step-by-Step Approach to Immigration Reform 7/28/13 Boehner Column: The House Remains Focused on Jobs 7/25/13 Boehner Discusses GOP Plan for Jobs, Dems Finally Acting on Student Loans, & the Need to Fix Our Broken Immigration System 7/21/13 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript: Health Care and Immigration 7/10/13 Joint Statement by House GOP Leaders on Immigration Reform 6/20/13 Congressman Boehner: Immigration Reform Must Be Grounded in Real Border Security 6/18/13 Congressman Boehner: Border Security & Majority of GOP Essential to Pass Immigration Reform in the House 6/06/13 Blog: Congressman Boehner Talks About GOP Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs With Laura Ingraham 5/23/13 Statement by House GOP Leaders on Immigration Reform & Border Security 2/13/13 On NBC's Today Show, Speaker Boehner Discusses Need to Address Debt Crisis 1/07/13 Rep. Trey Gowdy Announces Committee Assignments for the 113th Congress 6/26/12 55KRC - Transcript 6/21/12 Congressman Boehner: Republicans Relentlessly Focused on Jobs 1/25/12 The Hill - Praise for Tax Reform, but Skepticism from Congress on Energy, Immigration 7/06/10 Boehner: Administration "Asleep at the Wheel" on Violence Along America's Border 5/20/09 Fewer Illegal Immigrants Making It Across Our Borders – But More Work is Needed 1/15/09 PBS "Newshour with Jim Lehrer" - Transcript 9/25/08 Boehner: Stolen Vote Committee Report Confirms Illegal Immigration Vote Was Illegitimate 3/06/08 Weekly Press Conference With House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) 2/01/08 Ask Boehner: Illegal Immigrants Not Eligible For Tax Rebate Checks 1/23/08 Boehner Disappointed at Missed Opportunity to Strengthen SCHIP on Behalf of Low-Income Children 1/17/08 Weekly Press Conference with Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), House Minority Leader 12/21/07 Reflecting on Congressional Actions 12/12/07 House GOP Leaders: Latest SCHIP Sham Vote Proves This Congress is About Politics, Not "The Children" 11/14/07 Boehner Supports GOP Proposals to Deny Driver's Licenses to Illegal Immigrants 11/01/07 Weekly Press Conference with House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) 9/28/07 Providing Health Coverage for Low-Income Children, Not Illegal Immigrants and Adults 9/25/07 Boehner: SCHIP Proposal Expands Government-Run Health Care, Includes Hidden Earmarks & Aids Illegal Immigrants 9/07/07 GOP Planning "Tough New Border-Security Measures" 9/07/07 GOP Planning "Tough New Border-Security Measures" 8/10/07 Boehner Supports Administration Action To Strengthen Border Security, Improve Enforcement Of Existing Laws 8/06/07 August Break May Provide Cooling Period for Congressional Tension 8/02/07 Weekly Press Briefing With House Minority Leader John Boehner: Appropriations Bills, FISA Legislation 7/26/07 Press Conference With Senate And House Republican Leaders; Omnibus Spending Bill