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7/09/15 Speaker Boehner Calls on President Obama to Fire OPM Chief 6/11/15 Boehner Continues to Press for Real VA Reform 5/28/15 Boehner: American People Deserve the Truth in the IRS Scandal 5/27/15 Speaker Boehner on the Latest EPA Power Grab 5/20/15 VA Accountability 5/12/15 Speaker Boehner Statement on House's Bipartisan WOTUS Bill 5/03/15 NBC News " Meet The Press" - Transcript: Boehner On Education, Police Brutality, and The Trans Pacific Partnership 4/23/15 Los Angeles Times - Death of 2 Western Hostages Won't End U.S. Drone Strikes 1/05/15 Congressman Boehner Announces Monthly Open Door Schedule for 2015 12/11/14 House Passes Responsible Spending Bill, Sets Up Challenge on Immigration - See more at: 11/18/14 Bloomberg - Republicans Shop Shutdown Alternatives in Immigration Fight 11/13/14 Yahoo News - Immigration, Keystone Top First Day of Lame Duck 5/22/14 Job Well Done 5/08/14 Establishing Select Committee on Benghazi 5/02/14 Boehner to Establish Select Committee on Benghazi 2/25/14 The American People Expect Accountability 1/17/14 Congressman Boehner Statement on America's National Security Programs 1/16/14 Congressman Boehner on Passage of ObamaCare Transparency Bill 1/01/14 The Contract from America 10/16/13 Statement on Bipartisan Senate Agreement to Reopen Government, Avoid Default 10/12/13 Neugebauer Named Farm Bill Conferee 10/09/13 Government Shutdown 10/07/13 The President's Refusal to Negotiate is Hurting Our Economy and Putting Our Country at Risk 10/06/13 ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - Transcript: Continuing Resolutions, Affordable Care Act, and Government Shutdown 10/04/13 Boehner Column: - Obama Administration Should Do Right By Wright-Patt Civilian Employees 10/04/13 Congressman Boehner: "This Isn't Some Damn Game" 10/02/13 House Continues to Act on Keeping Government Open 10/01/13 Let's Find a Solution 10/01/13 National Review Online - Shutdown Could Last Weeks 10/01/13 Boehner Column: Protecting All Americans from ObamaCare and Keeping the Government Open 9/30/13 Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014 9/30/13 Obamacare Not Ready for Prime Time 9/28/13 House Will Vote on Plan to Keep Government Open, Stop ObamaCare 9/26/13 Boehner Previews House Bill With Spending Cuts & Pro-Growth Reforms to Strengthen Economy 5/22/13 FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - IRS Targeting and Benghazi 12/09/11 Weekly Republican Address: Speaker Boehner on the Middle Class Tax Relief & Job Creation Act 12/07/11 Congressman Boehner: REINS Act Is Great Example of How the House Is Listening & Acting on Jobs 10/27/11 Congressman Boehner Praises Bipartisan Bill Repealing Withholding Tax on Small Businesses, Urges Senate to Act Quickly 7/22/11 America's Debt Ceiling 7/21/11 Committee Approves Legislation to Protect American Jobs, Remove Barriers to U.S. Investment 6/02/11 Congressman Boehner Unveils Resolution on Libya 5/20/11 Government Reforms And Spending Cuts To Secure Our Country's Future 4/29/11 Letter to Karen L. Haas, Clerk of the US House of Representatives - New Majority to Make Legislative Data More Open, Accessible 3/01/11 Congressman Boehner Praises House for Passing Bill to Cut Spending and Give Senator Reid Two More Weeks to Consider H.R. 1 12/03/10 New Majority in Congress Focuses on Cutting Spending, Changing the Way the House Works 11/29/10 Boehner to Host Summit Meeting with New GOP Governors 9/10/10 Boehner Statement on President Obama's Press Conference 8/16/10 Boehner Asks President Obama for Full Disclosure of Administration's Job-Threatening Policies 8/10/10 AmericaSpeakingOut.Com Has Better Solutions For More Jobs, More Accountable Gov't 5/25/10 Boehner Joins House Republicans in Unveiling America Speaks Out

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