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Carolyn Maloney's Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NY) - District 12, Democratic
Date Title
Jan. 10, 2007 Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007
Jan. 9, 2007 Implementing The 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act of 2007
Jan. 9, 2007 The First 100 Hours: Stronger National Security
Jan. 9, 2007 Select Intelligence Oversight Panel
Dec. 22, 2006 Smartmatic Announces It Will Sell Sequoia Voting Systems, Withdraw from CFIUS Review
Dec. 18, 2006 Senator Clinton, Reps. Maloney and Fossella Host Bush Administration's 9/11 Health Task Force, Urge President to Include Treatment $ in Budget
Dec. 14, 2006 Sponsor of 9/11 Commission Implementation Legislation Hails Speaker-Elect's Plan for Intel Oversight
Dec. 13, 2006 NY Reps Urge Attorney General to Honor 9/11 Paramedics With Benefits
Dec. 11, 2006 As Dubai Company Finally Sells U.S. Ports, Lead Democrat on CFIUS Bill Says Reform Still Badly Needed
Dec. 11, 2006 Passage of Schumer/Maloney Bill Allows Vets to Finally Use VA Loans for Co-Ops
Dec. 6, 2006 New Legislation Would Help Ensure Taxpayers Get Their Fair Share of Oil Royalties
Dec. 6, 2006 Legislation to Give U.S. Exports a Boost Passes the House
Dec. 5, 2006 As Civil Liberties Board Makes First Public Appearance, Author of Legislation Says Board Needs Real Power
Dec. 1, 2006 Treasury Urged to Make Public the Results of CFIUS Investigation of Smartmatic
Nov. 29, 2006 Author of Civil Liberties Board Bill Says Panel Still Lacks Real Power
Nov. 21, 2006 New Report on African American and Latino Hardship Rates Shows the Importance of SIPP Data
Nov. 21, 2006 A Push to Include 9/11 Health in Upcoming Presidential Budget Proposal
Nov. 21, 2006 Rep. Maloney Hails Nurse-In at Delta Ticket Counter
Nov. 20, 2006 Members of Congress Urge President to Rescind Far-Right Appointment to Family Planning Position
Nov. 17, 2006 President Appoints Family Planning Chief Who Doesn't Even Believe in Birth Control
Nov. 14, 2006 Upheaval at Census as 2010 Count Closes In
Nov. 3, 2006 October Job Statistics Do Not Erase Dismal Bush Economic Record for Middle Class and Working Americans
Nov. 2, 2006 CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight - Transcript
Nov. 2, 2006 Rep. Maloney, NYC Planning Dir. Burden Announce Full Funding for Queens Plaza Redevelopment - and Construction to Start in Late 2007
Nov. 2, 2006 Bush Administration Increasingly Relies on China and OPEC to Finance U.S. Debt, Report Shows
Nov. 2, 2006 9/11 Illness Claims the Life of Hero Nun
Nov. 1, 2006 Outraged NY Seniors, Elected Officials Protest Closure of Only Walk-In Medicare Help Center in NYC
Nov. 1, 2006 Veterans Again At Risk for Identity Theft, This Time NY Vets May Be Most in Jeopardy
Oct. 31, 2006 Reps. Maloney, Crowley Champion Preservation of Lent-Riker-Smith Homestead
Oct. 30, 2006 Press Release - Smartmatic Announces It Is Undergoing CFIUS Review
Oct. 27, 2006 Press Release - Economy Slows to a Crawl in Third Quarter of 2006
Oct. 27, 2006 Press Release - A 9/11 Health Crisis First: Federal Money for Medical Treatment Is Distributed
Oct. 25, 2006 Press Release - Following News of 2nd Confirmed Death from WTC Dust, Reps. Maloney, Fossella Ask City to Include Victim On Official List of 9/11 Death
Oct. 25, 2006 Press Release - Educating Rush Limbaugh: Co-Founder of Congressional Working Group on Parkinson's Disease Sends Right-Wing Talker an NIH Primer on Par
Oct. 24, 2006 Press Release - Rep. Maloney Expresses Concern About New Discoveries of Remains Near Ground Zero and Work Stoppages at Search Site
Oct. 18, 2006 Press Release - Real Earnings Lag in Bush Economy
Oct. 18, 2006 Press Release - Sick 9/11 Responders' Lawsuits Can Proceed
Oct. 18, 2006 - Insurance companies under pressure to pay 9/11 claims
Oct. 17, 2006 Press Release - Rep. Maloney: Democratic Fixes to Medicare Rx Program Will Save Seniors Big $$$
Oct. 17, 2006 Press Release - Rep. Maloney Reacts to Sale of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village
Oct. 15, 2006 New York Post - 350G Paycheck For City's 9/11 Scrooge
Oct. 14, 2006 Newsday - FAA bans fixed-wing planes from East River
Oct. 14, 2006 Newsday - FAA bans fixed-wing planes from East River
Oct. 13, 2006 Press Release - Rep. Maloney Reacts to New FAA Rules on East River Flights
Oct. 13, 2006 Press Release - Rep. Maloney Outlines Dems' New Direction on Economy
Oct. 13, 2006 - Federal deficit falls to lowest level in four years
Oct. 13, 2006 Times Online - Where pilots fly uncontrolled
Oct. 12, 2006 Press Release - Trade Deficit Bigger Than Ever, Adding to List of Bush Economic Failures
Oct. 12, 2006 1010wins - Lidle's Doomed Plane Followed Popular Flight Path
Oct. 12, 2006 Press Release - Maloney to FAA: Ban Non-Commercial Flights Over NYC
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