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Issue Position: Energy Issue Issue Position: Health Care Plan Issue Position: Conservation Issue Position: Foreign Policy Issue Position: Jobs/Economy Issue Position: Economy Plan Issue Position: Environment/Energy Issue Position: Immigration Issue Position: National Security/Foreign Policy Issue Position: Education Issue Position: 7 Point Iraq Plan Issue Position: Immigration Issue Position: Iraq Issue Position: Healthcare Issue Position: Partisanship Issue Position: Civil Liberties 12/20/10 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 12/17/10 CNN "The Situation Room" - Transcript 12/15/10 Governor Bill Richardson Allocates $3.1 Million of Stimulus Money to State Budget 11/19/10 Governor Richardson Announces First Renewable Energy Transmission Authority Bonds 11/19/10 State Kicks off new DWI Holiday Campaign Themed "Working Together Toward a Safe and Sober Holiday" 11/19/10 Governor Bill Richardson Applauds Senate Passage of $478 million for Indian Water Rights Settlements 11/18/10 Governor Bill Richardson Asks USDA to Investigate Planned Transfer of Alamogordo Chimpanzees 11/11/10 Governor Bill Richardson Announces Help For Veterans Struggling With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 11/07/10 Governor Bill Richardson Suspends All Executive Hiring 11/05/10 Governor Bill Richardson Urges President Obama to Designate Otero Mesa a National Monument 10/28/10 Governor Bill Richardson to Use Expected Federal Money to Partially Restore Childcare Cuts 10/21/10 Governor Bill Richardson's Applauds Announcement that Chino Mine will Restart Operations 10/21/10 Governor Bill Richardson and Sir Richard Branson Dedicate Spaceport Runway 10/21/10 Governor Richardson Highlights Landmark Study that Predicts $10 Billion in Renewable Energy Potential for New Mexico 10/03/10 CBS "Face the Nation" - Transcript 9/24/10 Governor Bill Richardson Directs CYFD to Extend Child Care Assistance 9/20/10 Governor Bill Richardson Concludes Successful Border Governors Conference 9/12/10 Governor Bill Richardson Travels to Spain on Economic Development Mission 9/09/10 Governor Bill Richardson Announces NM Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Network 9/01/10 New Mexico National Guard Troops on Mission Along Mexican Border 8/20/10 Governor Bill Richardson Forms Task Force on International Trade 8/19/10 Governor Bill Richardson Announces Additional Road Projects to be Funded through Recovery Act Savings 8/18/10 Governor Bill Richardson Applies for Federal Education Money 8/17/10 Governor Bill Richardson Meets with National Institutes of Health Officials Regarding Alamogordo Chimps 8/16/10 Governor Bill Richardson Commits $2.5 Million for Teachers and Educational Assistants 8/13/10 New Mexico Signs Grant Agreement to Study Expanded Commercial Rail Service to Santa Teresa 8/13/10 Governor Bill Richardson to Meet with National Institutes of Health Officials Regarding Alamogordo Chimps 8/12/10 Governor Bill Richardson Establishes the New Mexico Office of Health Care Reform 8/11/10 Governor Bill Richardson Saves Schools From Budget Cuts 8/05/10 Governor Bill Richardson Kicks Off Back-To-School Tax Holiday to Help New Mexico Families 7/30/10 Governor Bill Richardson Announces $250,000 in Recovery Act Funds To Support Shelter and Services For Families 7/29/10 Governor Bill Richardson Announces Holloman Air Force Base to Acquire 48 F-16 Fighter Jets 7/28/10 Governor Bill Richardson's Statement Regarding Federal Judge's Ruling on Arizona's Immigration Law 7/28/10 Governors Bill Richardson and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Co-Host Border Governors Conference