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Frank Pallone, Jr.'s Public Statements

Office: U.S. House (NJ) - District 6, Democratic
Date Title
April 4, 2006 Eleven Members of Congress File Amicus Brief
April 4, 2006 Pallone Blasts EPA Proposal to Increase Toxic Emissions
April 3, 2006 Pallone, NJ Veterans Blast Harmful Veterans' Provisions Included in Republican Budget
March 29, 2006 Republicans Refuse to take D9/11 Commision Seriously
March 29, 2006 PBS: Armenian Genocide Denialist Forum
March 28, 2006 Greek Independence Day Anniversary
March 28, 2006 Extend the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Deadline
March 16, 2006 Remarks on the Irish Peace Process
March 9, 2006 Pallone Statement on Dubai Port Company's Decision to Divest Itself of U.S. Holdings
March 8, 2006 Lofgren Calls for Veterans' Care to Be Included in Iraq Supplemental
March 8, 2006 President Bush's Trip to India
March 7, 2006 Foreign Operations Request
March 2, 2006 National Uniformity for Food Act of 2005
March 2, 2006 Hastings Leads Democratic Charges that Dubai Deal Reinforces Arab Boycott Against Israel
March 2, 2006 Democrats Raise Concern About UAE Boycott of Israel, Relationship with Hamas
Feb. 28, 2006 House Democrats Release Historic Catholic Statement of Principles
Feb. 28, 2006 Bush Administration Ignores the Law on Securing Our Ports
Feb. 28, 2006 Marking the 18th Anniversary of the Sumgait Massacres
Feb. 21, 2006 Pallone Assails Bush Administration Approval of Proposal to Turn Ports Over to United Arab Emirates
Feb. 15, 2006 Rescription Drug Debacle
Feb. 15, 2006 U.S.-India Nuclear Cooperation Deal
Feb. 14, 2006 Darfur Resolution
Feb. 10, 2006 Sen. Menendez, Rep. Pallone Join Environmentalists to Fight New Drilling Threat Off the Atlantic Coast
Feb. 8, 2006 Sri Lanka Peace Process Resolution
Feb. 6, 2006 Pallone & Area Pharmacists Discuss Detrimental Impact of Medicare Rx Drug Bill on Independent Pharmacists
Feb. 6, 2006 Pallone: Bush Refuses to Fund Central New Jersey Beach Replenishment and Flood Control Projects
Feb. 6, 2006 Olver Opposes Warrantless Spying on Americans
Feb. 6, 2006 Pallone Statement on Medicare Cuts in President Bush's Fiscal Year 2007 Budget
Feb. 3, 2006 Pallone: Lack of Precaution by EPA & Whitman Regarding Access to WTC is Reprehensible
Feb. 3, 2006 Rep. Tierney Spearheads Effort For C.O.P.S. Funding in FY 2007 Budget
Jan. 31, 2006 Tribute to Clean Ocean Action
Jan. 31, 2006 Pallone Statement on President Bush's STate of the Union Address
Jan. 27, 2006 Berry Calls on President to Make Medicare Reform a Top Priority in State of the Union
Jan. 27, 2006 Schakowsky Tells Bush to Level with the American People About the Flawed Medicare Drug Plan
Jan. 26, 2006 Dems to Hastert: Must Reimburse States for Medicare Expense
Jan. 24, 2006 Pallone, NJ Lawmakers, Call on Federal Government to Reimburse State for Medicare Prescriptions
Jan. 23, 2006 Pallone Highlights Devastating Effects Republican Budget Would Have on New Jersey
Jan. 18, 2006 Pallone Questions NJ Prescription Drug Providers on Failed Implementation of New Medicare Prescription Plans
Jan. 17, 2006 56 Members of Congress Urge EPA to Withdraw Weak Toxic Release Inventory Proposal
Jan. 17, 2006 56 Members of Congress Urge EPA to Withdraw Weak Toxic release Inventory Proposal
Jan. 17, 2006 Pallone Urges Medicare Administrator to Hold Prescription Drug Forum in Central New Jersey Counties
Jan. 4, 2006 Pallone & Holt Request Pentagon Pick Up P.C.S. Costs for Displaced Fort Monmouth Workers
Dec. 20, 2005 Pallone, Ministers Blast GOP Attacks on Churches Who Engage in Non-partisan Voting Efforts
Dec. 20, 2005 Pallone Lauds Codey's Action on Climate Change in the Wake of Bush Administration's Inaction
Dec. 19, 2005 Berman Co-authors Bipartisan Letter Urging President Bush to Increse Funding for International Affairs Programs
Dec. 16, 2005 Pallone Statement on Decision to Include ANWR Provision in Defense Appropriations Bill
Dec. 14, 2005 Establishing the Task Force on Ocean Policy
Dec. 14, 2005 Repubicans Playing the Role of Grinch
Dec. 8, 2005 Recognition of the Heroic Job that was Done by the U.S. Coast Guard at the Time of Hurricane Katrina
Dec. 7, 2005 Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment
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